The Circle France dropped to Netflix on Thursday, April 9th with all 12 episodes chucked onto the global streaming platform in one go.

If you’re just getting to grips with the show and only beginning to understand how annoying 22-year-old model Lu is then be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

The winner is revealed in episode 12 and there is no second drop of episodes. So it’s either now or never to find about who won the first-ever series of The Circle France on Netflix.

Read on if you dare…

  • USA: Meet the winner of The Circle America

Who won The Circle France?

  • The winner of The Circle France season 1 was Paris-born Romain Ben. You can follow him on Instagram under@romain.benn

The 28-year-old was playing as himself and oversaw competition from 27-year-old Éléa, who finished as the runner-up. Rudy Doukhan made it the furthest out of all the players who were fronting as a Catfish.

Thirty-seven-year-old Ruby played the game with the profile of a 32-year-old father called Gabriel and made it to third place. The other close contenders were João in fourth and Edmundo in fifth.

What was the prize money?

Romain Ben c0llected €100,000 in prize money thanks to his victory.

In the original UK Channel 4 series, the show is much more interactive as it is filmed live. The winner is decided during a live final where the public gets to decide who wins through a live vote. However, due to the nature of Netflix’s filming process, the prize money was allotted via one lump sum and through the votes of the players involved in the game.

Will there be a The Circle France season 2?

  • Unconfirmed but likely.

All three of the Netflix Circle shows went down a treat with their audiences and it remains likely that The Circle France, Brazil and USA will all be renewed for a second season.

Most Netflix series do not air until 9-12 months after their first release and taking the Coronavirus pandemic into account it could be much longer than that before we see a The Circle France season 2.

Opinion: An international version would be better!

As all three international have now aired on Netflix, Reality Titbit believes that creating a format where all three winners come together could be the best way forward.

Perhaps Netflix needs to get another series under their belt for all three versions, and then they could film an ultimate season with six main cast members, taking the two winners from France, USA and Brazil.

The filming for all three series was concluded at the same location, in Salford, England. This is where the original UK format is shot, and clearly there would be no issue flying in contestants from around the world for the ultimate series.

Let’s make it happen!

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