The Circle welcomed yet another new character as two players left the game.

Genelle departed the Channel 4 series on Friday night (September 28th), bidding goodbye to the others in a heartfelt video message that explained how she had suffered from severe migraines and that the stress had become too much.

Hannah was blocked from the series and therefore eliminated. That leaves Freddie, Sian, Scotty, Dan, Kate (Alex) and psychic Ryan. Oh, and Catfish Mairead.

Meet 57-year-old Mairead, who is playing someone completely different!

Who is Mairead?

Mairead is a 57-year-old woman from Cheshire, known as Mairead Martin on the outside world.

In fact, her full name is Mairead Terese Martin. We know that because she decided to put her full name as her Instagram handle – literally, who does that!

She is a horse lover, housewife and mother to three sons.

Screen Shot: The Circle Mairead, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle Mairead, Channel 4

Who is Mairead Playing?

Mairead is keeping her real name, although she is playing a younger woman at 32 years old.

Her aim is to play a “younger version of herself”, reliving her more youthful days.

Mairead said:

At 32 I was fit as f*ck. I knew what I wanted, I was confident, I was dominant in the room and I was all that. I want to be ‘all that’ again.

Where Do Her Pictures Come From?

This remains one of Channel 4’s best-kept secrets – We literally searched every corner of the internet!

Mairead’s new profile pictures on The Circle are of a girl that she “found online”. It is not her daughter or a relative.


Mairead said:

I chose her because she is incredibly beautiful, she looks intelligent and she oozes confidence.

Screen Shot: The Circle Mairead, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle Mairead’s FAKE PROFILE PICS Channel 4

Mairead’s use of pictures from a “girl online” caused a bit of a storm on social media.

However, we are 100% sure that permission would have been granted from the woman whose pictures are being used.

Perhaps she is an actor, model or a friend of a friend.

Channel 4 clearly have a network of people whose pictures they can use having uploaded various pictures of random people in Friday night’s (September 28th) Public vs Player game.

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4




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