The Circle has got everyone scouring social media platforms looking for the contestant’s real accounts.

And we’ve managed to find Mitchell’s real Instagram!

Mitchell is playing as himself in The Circle and wants to win so that he can take his mum on a holiday, then go big on a lads’ holiday with the rest of the £50k.

Mitchell the Model

Like most people who appear on reality television shows, Mitchell is a part-time model. He dabbles.

The tagged location in this post, however, is Norwich. Maybe Mitchell thinks Norwich is Norfolk’s modelling answer to Milan?

Mitchell Fancies Himself… a Bit

Again, like most people who throw themselves into a reality TV show, Mitchell fancies himself quite a bit.

He’s certainly not afraid to get a bit of skin out, that’s for sure.

Another Ibiza Lover

Mitchell really is ticking off the necessary criteria for a hopeful reality TV star, isn’t he?

Models? Check.

Fancies themselves? Check.

Obsessed with Ibiza? Check.

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We came, We saw, We left our souls in Ibiza 😵🤣

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Another Gym Lover, Too

Mitchell is clearly a lover of the gym life, too.

We’re pretty sure we’ve seen a dozen Mitchell’s in a dozen reality shows by now, right?

But, without being cynical, his work at the gym is clearly working. Don’t mind the nip slip…

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Grafting each day

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An Ally

Now this one is a little more impressive.

Mitchell has posted about pride and is clearly an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, so that’s great.

His hashtag ‘straightbutsupporting’ is a little amusing, however. It’s like he must make clear that he isn’t gay and is, in fact, definitely straight.

Suited and Booted

Mitchell has to wear a suit to work every day for his job – so what could he possibly do?

Well, Mitchell is an estate agent. Mitchell the estate agent… it just has a ring to it.

Moonlighting in Club Mercy’s

While he’s not working as an estate agent, he seems to moonlight as some sort of actor or dancer at nightclub Mercy’s.

Mildly terrifying.


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