The Circle Netflix rules: How does the US show work?

The Circle Netflix rules: How does the US show work?

The Circle first kicked off on Channel 4 in 2018 in the UK. And now, the social-media-based series is dominating the globe.

The Circle now has series in the US which will be available to watch via Netflix from Wednesday, January 1st 2020.

Another drama-filled series can be expected in 2020 – especially as it’s the first one coming from the USA.

The Circle has seen some of the quirkiest characters on telly do everything they can to be the most popular and take home the prize money.

What are the The Circle Netflix rules?

THE CIRCLE Netflix rules

The Circle Netflix rules

The format for the US and UK versions of The Circle look to be very much the same.

The Circle US sees eight players move into an apartment block. However, these contestants will never meet during the competition.

Each player on the show lives in their own apartment and will communicate via ‘The Circle’ during the show.

In what is essentially a popularity contest. Throughout the series, the players have to rate one another from first to last place.

Each time a vote takes place, the players with the most votes often end up as the game’s ‘influencers’, while the lowest ranking contestants risk being ‘blocked’ from The Circle.

If you’re ‘blocked’ from The Circle you’re allowed to meet one other player face to face – and this part often provides some of the show’s juiciest moments.

Whoever wins bags themselves a hefty $100,000 – so it really is worth giving it all you’ve got.

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Who is the Circle US host?

Hosting The Circle’s first-ever US show is comedian Michelle Buteau.

Michelle is well known for her stand-up comedy gigs as well as appearing in both films and TV series.

She also presents a podcast – ‘Late Night Whenever‘. As well as this, Michelle also co-hosts the ‘Adulting’ podcast alongside Jordan Carlos.

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