Channel 4 producers decided to spice things up yet again as The Circle welcomed two new players.

Psychic Ryan was blocked from the game and thus eliminated, leaving Sian, Kate (Alex), Dan, Freddie and newbie Mairead.

Well, that was until Harry and Precious waltzed through the apartment doors!

Here are five must-know facts about Precious Muir from her nude modelling career in New York to ex-husband!

Screen Shot: The Circle, Precious Muir, Channel4

Screen Shot: The Circle, Precious Muir, Channel4

Precious is a Worldwide Model

Precious is a professional model. And by that, we don’t just mean she takes a good Insta pic with a decent filter.

The 34-year-old does fashion and lifestyle modelling, where she has travelled the world taking outrageous shots.

Trust us…

She Has Her Own Documentary!

Precious has her own 75-minute documentary, which focuses on the start of her modelling career and how she moved from London to New York to kick-start her career.

Mainly, however, the focus of the documentary is on her boob job.

Titled ‘BOOBS’, the documentary follows Precious’s procedure to have a D cup breast implant, highlighting her fears, dreams and insecurities along the way.

However, 45% of reviews on Amazon gave BOOBS one star out of five.

One review said:

A low-budget, self-centered ego trip with a young lady named Precious who is so far from being precious that it boggles the mind. Where to start? There is so much to say about being this superficial and unhappy, devoting a life to what society claims is sexy.


The marriage was doomed to fail for obvious reasons. $8K for the worst implants I’ve ever seen is outrageous. And the doctor, during the first surgery, while pumping the implant up compares it to being at the gas station inflating tires. Yikes! You can revisit her in 5-10 years and she’ll be more miserable and dissatisfied than ever. Very sad.

Precious’ Boob Job and Nude Modelling

Precious’s boob job was the catalyst to her success in the U.S.A, where she even does a spot of full-frontal nude modelling in the 2014 documentary.

When she was in her mid-20’s, Precious was the winner of the Miss Red Hot Lingerie Competition and the American Dream Beauty Pageant in 2013.

Bikini and underwear modelling was much more common to her, along with outfits like this…

She Has Almost 100,000 Instagram Followers

Precious already has more Instagram followers than the rest of The Circle contestants put together.

Alongside modelling, the dark-haired beauty utilises her 91,600 following as a social media influencer.

She’s hoping to user her social media skills to win The Circle while she also said that she joined the show to “put a positive representation out there for woman of colour”.

Precious Was Married

In her 2014 documentary, Precious got married to boyfriend Joseph Lapena over the three-year period of filming.

However, by the end of the documentary, it was confirmed that they had split up, without any explanation as to why.

It’s a mystery that we hope will be uncovered in The Circle!

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