The Circle: WHO is 'psychic' Ryan Gooding in real life?

Channel 4 series The Circle has welcomed a new character, with psychic Ryan Gooding entering the game in week two.

Ryan is playing himself on the game, a 28-year-old married man in a same-sex marriage with somebody called Darren.

The psychic’s powers appeared to be firmly switched off as he was welcomed into the series by Freddie, however. Freddie is fronting as a straight man on the series although he is openly gay.

Ryan’s gaydar didn’t flinch an inch as he whole-heartedly believed Freddie’s ‘straight man’ story.

This guy is a psychic?

Who is Ryan Gooding?

According to his website, Ryan is a 28-year-old professional psychic medium from Ipswich.

He tours the U.K doing shows and featured on Celebrity Haunted Mansion on the W Channel.

Ry carried out paranormal investigations alongside celebrities like Katie Price, Simon Gregson and Simon Webbe. Oh, and obviously a load of famous ghosts.


Ryan offers sets readings on his website This includes; Skype readings (£45), email readings (£10), group readings (£50) and telephone readings (£45).

Who is Ryan’s Husband?

Ryan is married to Darren Scott.

It looks like they tied the knot in May 2015, meaning they have been married for three years.

Who is Ryan on The Circle?

Everything that Ryan has said on The Circle so far adds up. His age, job, location and sexuality are all accurate truths.

However, Ryan won’t let the others know that he is psychic, as he feels it may hinder his chances of winning.

Ryan also admitted that he is very opinionated, with a particular view on politics.

Could this do more damage than his psychic abilities? Ryan said:

I’m a massive fan of Nigel Farage.

Screen Shot: The Circle Ryan, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle Ryan, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle Ryan, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle Ryan, Channel 4



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