The Circle has established itself as a groundbreaking reality TV series after launching for the first time ever on Channel 4 this autumn.

An instant classic, the C4 series is fascinating, exciting and, above all, unique.

Marketed as a ‘social media experiment’ the series smashed expectations, proving a big hit with 16-25 year-olds.

But, will The Circle be back for a series 2? What is going to happen after the grand final?

Screen Shot: Dan and Mairead - The Circle episode 14 - Channel 4
Screen Shot: Dan and Mairead – The Circle episode 14 – Channel 4

When is The Circle Final?

The live final will air TONIGHT (Monday, October 8th)

It starts at 10 pm on Channel 4 and airs for 65 minutes.

How Does The Circle End?

Although there is no official confirmation as to what will happen in the final episode, we do know that it will be live.

In other words, prepare for the most dramatic episode yet!

The Circle has worked by players voting for their favourite person every few days. The most-liked person then becomes an influencer of the group and given the ability to make influential decisions.

Screen Shot: Kate - The Circle episode 14 - Channel 4
Screen Shot: Kate (Alex) – The Circle episode 14 – Channel 4

The lowest ranked contestant gets blocked and is booted out of the game show altogether.

If the series follows the same suit, which it should, then the final will go down to a live vote of who the remaining players like the most and who they feel deserves to win the jackpot.

Will There Be a The Circle Series 2?

We reached out to Channel 4 and asked them whether they had plans to recommission a The Circle series 2.

A spokesperson for C4 said:

We’re looking forward to great live final full of drama and excitement, as is usual before a series has finished on air no decision has been made yet on whether The Circle will return for another series.

The Circle didn’t have a great launch night, bringing in one million viewers for episode one – 5.5 million watched Bake Off directly before.

However, it’s expected that the live final will produce much higher numbers, with the series picking up more and more fans as the three-week series progressed.

The Circle: How much is the prize money? When is the FINAL?