Freddie Bentley is currently dividing opinions on Channel 4’s brand new series The Circle.

Some find him unbearable and annoying while others find him entertaining and hilarious.

Freddie is playing himself on the show, but with one pretty big twist. He is openly gay in real life but will pretend to be straight in The Circle – he’s even said he’s practised being more butch, apparently.

But what’s he really like? Well, we found Freddie’s Instagram!

Confidence is Key

Freddie is clearly a pretty confident guy.

But he’s a confident guy who apparently doesn’t take himself too seriously. His Instagram caption reads:

Ark at me trying to be sexy, can’t take myself serious.

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Ark at me trying be sexy, can’t take myself serious

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TV Show Addict

So not only is Freddie a self-confessed social media addict but he’s also addicted to appearing on television shows.

The Circle is the third, yes third, television show Freddie has appeared on.

We’re not saying he’s perhaps a bit desperate to be famous, but… we’re not not saying that either.

Dress to Impress

One of those three TV shows that Freddie appeared on was itv2’s Dress to Impress.

Perhaps that explains why his Instagram name is FreddieBentleyOfficial. He’s not got a blue tick yet, but it’s clearly a desire of his.

He’s Essex Through and Through

Freddie is very obviously an Essex guy through and through, something he makes clear loudly and proudly on his Instagram.

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Essexxxxxxx house

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New Instagram?

Freddie’s Instagram only goes back as far as September 1st, 2017.

That’s pretty fresh considering he’s apparently a social media addict.

Social Media Addiction – Real Stories

The other TV show Freddie has appeared on is Real Stories, in which he discussed his social media addiction in an ‘eye-opening’ experience.

So eye-opening that he’s now appearing in a show based entirely around social media.

Freddie is Team Freddie

If you haven’t guessed already, Freddie kind of loves himself.

So much so that he posted this tweet from Maya Jama on his own Instagram and used the hashtag team, Freddie.

Another Desperado, anyone?


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