The Circle: Who is Jan Jones? The divorcee who thinks "opinions are like a***holes"

The second series of The Circle is well underway in October 2019.

The show where anyone can be anyone is giving us more twists, turns and surprises than imaginable. And once again there are players who have well and truly won the nation’s heart as well as those who have pretty much repelled viewers.

The final addition to The Circle 2019 was 58-year-old Jan.

There’s saying it how it is, and then there’s saying it how it is – and Jan was not holding back on her arrival at The Circle!

Screen Shot: The Circle Jan Jones – Channel 4

Jan Jones joins The Circle

Episode 16 of The Circle saw Jan and Andrea do their best to get themselves accepted into The Circle.

But in the end, it was “menopausal MILF” Jan who managed to worm her way in and international Italian model Andrea was axed before he could even get started.

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On arrival in The Circle, Jan described herself as being “58-years-young, kind, extrovert and gobby”.

And it looks like she’s proving she’s just that after settling in over her first few days.

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Screen Shot: The Circle Jan Jones – Channel 4

Jan’s family life

Although we’re unable to find straight-talking Jan on Instagram, she’s shared a few photos on the show which help us understand her a bit better.

Jan mentioned that she currently lives with her husband, but they’re getting divorced.

She also has a daughter called Eloise who is at university. And after episode 17 of The Circle, it’s clear that Jan is one doting mother as she said: “She is my world. That’s my baby beyond words.”

Screen Shot: The Circle Jan Jones – Channel 4

What happened between Jan and Busayo?

Episode 17 of The Circle saw a strange turn of events when it seemed that Jan and Busayo were flirting.

The conversation came about as 58-year-old Jan received a flirty message from Busayo who is catfishing as Josh.

Viewers of The Circle took to Twitter to share their reactions to ‘Josh’ and Jan’s flirt.

The conversation ended: “If you were in my Ferrari with me, we would making so much noise that we wouldn’t be able to hear the music.”

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