New Channel 4 series The Circle is bringing up some pretty deep questions when it comes to the world of social media.

The premise of the show features people socialising on a social media app called ‘The Circle’, where they never meet each other in person. The most popular character wins. Characters could be real or fake.

Alex entered the game pretending to be a woman called Kate, while Jennifer lied about her age and profession, claiming that she was a cancer doctor in attempts to win a psychological battle of trust. That failed, and she was axed from the show.

The latest contestant is 22-year-old Sian, who has created the most ridiculous character of The Circle so far.

Meet Christopher Arthur Stanley…

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Who is Sian?

Sian is from South Wales and works in a care home, looking after 41 residents who are elderly or suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

She has elected to play Christopher believing that her character will come across as trustworthy and that contestants may favour him out of pity him.

Who is Christopher?

Christopher is a 65-year-old man from Buckinghamshire.

He’s an antique dealer and has been separated from his wife for 11 years. Sinead has had to do extensive research about buying antiques to make sure her profile sticks.

She said:

I wanted to go for someone totally different to me – an old man as opposed to a young woman, for maximum contrast. He’s old, he’s lovely, he adores his dogs. I’m hoping everyone will fall in love with him and not find him boring.

Sinead is using pictures of her grandad, utilizing images of him with two Cavalier King Charles spaniels as the main profile picture.

She continued:

Because he’s an old man, he’ll be a bit slower on social media, which will give me time to think about my replies. He has an ex-wife called Julia, who’s remarried. And he’s a dealer in antique coins, because that was a narrow field I could research.

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Would You Trust Christopher?

Opinion has been split on how long Sinead will last while fronting as Christopher.

Alex is using his girlfriend as a template, meaning he has plenty of knowledge on how to pretend to be her, knowing every little fact from the makeup she wears to her favourite toothpaste brand.

Sinead has more of an uphill task, however, with fellow The Circle players immediately having doubts over her character’s profile.

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle, Channel 4