The Circle: Who is WINNER Alex Hobern in real life? - over 300,000 fans on Facebook!

New Channel 4 series The Circle has now finished, as Alex Hobern was crowned the winner of both the public vote and the game vote.

Alex, however, was playing the game by pretending to be a girl named Kate, using pictures of his girlfriend in real life!

In real life he is a social media pro who has over 300,000 followers on Facebook.

Is this why he strolled to victory on The Circle?

Who is Alex Hobern?

Alex is a 26-year-old content producer from London.

He worked for UNILad during their huge rise to fame but has since branched off with his own video and social media content company.

Mainly, he distributes this content through Facebook (300,000 followers) but also YouTube (1,000), Instagram (5,000) and Snapchat.

According to his LinkedIn, Alex runs his own business called The 404, where he creatives unique and innovative viral content for brands.

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How Funny is He?

To amass over 300,000 followers on Facebook takes something special. So to say Alex is king of the memes and 30-second videos wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Here are some examples of his best videos…

What is Going on With Alex on The Circle?

Basically, Alex is pretending to be a girl called Kate, while using girlfriend Millie Logan’s pictures to help front the character.

Because nobody in The Circle ever meets each other, the contestants can completely make up the character that they want to be.

When contestants are voted off, however, there is the possibility that they will find out the true identity of the remaining contestants.

This could result in a hilarious discovery for Mitchell, who has been shamelessly flirting with Alex, convinced that’s Ryan’s made-up character ‘Kate’ is real.

Can We Have Some More Funny Videos?

Of course you can.



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