Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 16 is here and it looks like Khloe Kardashian hasn’t put down the paintbrush just yet.

Last series saw Khloe and her partner in crime, Scott Disick, play a huge prank on their momager, Kris Jenner.

Now, Scott has created a full-blown studio for Khloe to allow her to unleash her inner artistè.

Here’s the evolution of Khloe Kardashian painting on KUWTK, from Art Vandelay to today!
Screen Shot: KUWTK S16 E04 Khloe Kardashian – Hayu

The Art of the Prank

In season 15 Khloe Kardashian was art shamed by her mother Kris Jenner over a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog.

Of course, this called for one thing, dynamic duo Khloe and Scott Disick banding together to prank Kris as payback.

Out of the prank, Art Vandelay was born.

Originally Khloe suggested that the kids do some paintings to trick Kris, but it turned into her taking the wheel.

Khloe took to the easel and whacked out a load of original paintings in a bid to embarrass her mum.

Screen Shot: Scott pranking Kris - E! Entertainment, S15E2
Screen Shot: Scott pranking Kris – E! Entertainment, S15E2

Khloe’s paintings in series 15 were particularly impressive with her sister, Kim, coming up with iconic names for the pieces such as ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘Black Grass Crying’ and ‘The Three Phases of Life’.

Khloe Kardashian in season 16

Khloe and Scott are back at it again in 2019.

The Art Vandelay prank may be out of the bag but now it seems that Scott’s taking Khloe’s talent more seriously.

Scott said:

I think you’re going to be this new sexy artist!

However, by the looks of things, Khloe’s paintings aren’t quite as abstract as they were last season with her etching out a simplistic peach on canvas in season 16 episode 5, as well as a new piece named ‘Kourt’.

Can I buy a Khloe Kardashian painting?

After Khloe’s painting debut on KUWTK people started to wonder if they could get a canvas of their own.

Fans of her artwork took to Twitter to ask where they could purchase one of Khloe’s pieces.

Khloe replied to one Tweet saying: “I can’t believe how many people have said this!! It’s crazy. I’m not sure if you guys are being sarcastic or serious.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though Khloe’s artwork is currently on the market, but you never know what the future holds, she is being dubbed ‘Khloanardo Da Vinci’ after all!

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