The Future Diary is a new reality show on Netflix – let’s meet the cast and get to know them better.

The streaming giant boasts a large portfolio of reality dating shows such as Love Is Blind, Dating Around, Too Hot to Handle and many more.

The latest addition to the Netflix family is a Japanese programme called The Future Diary that follows two strangers as they fall in love.

So, let’s meet the main stars of the show.

The Future Diary | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Future Diary | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Future Diary on Netflix

The Future Diary landed on Netflix on Tuesday, December 14th.

The show follows two complete strangers, Maai Nakasone and Takuto Wakamatsu, who meet for the first time on the show and lead their dates from a diary that includes a script of how their love story should revolve.

The series has received some great reactions from viewers so far with many calling it “unique” and “fresh”, as well as “cruel” due to some unexpected moments.

Guest stars in the series are Daigo, Taiki Sato, Saya, Reina Sumi and Natsuna who offer their thoughts as the couple’s love story revolves.

The Future Diary on Netflix

Who is Maai Nakasone?

Maai Nakasone is a 19-year-old student who lives in Naha City, Okinawa.

She currently studies at a university in Okinawa but at the time of publication she doesn’t have any public social media profiles.

During their first meeting, she and Takuto in a restaurant where they get to know each other before they receive a diary with instructions for their first date.

But their first date involves some challenges that they need to overcome in order to move on to the next one.

The Future Diary, Netflix Asia on YouTube

Who is Takuto Wakamatsu?

Takuto Wakamatsu is 24 years old and is a chef apprentice who hails from Otaru, Hokkaido. He works as a chef in Tokyo and doesn’t appear to have a public Instagram profile at the time of writing.

During their first date, Takuto’s cooking skills come handy when he helps a cruise staff to cook and feed 12 people.

The next day, he and Maai go to his birthplace Hokkaido where Maai is the one faced with a challenge.

Episodes of the show will land weekly so keep an eye on Netflix for updates about Maai and Takuto’s love story.



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