If Georgia and Jack's kiss was shot twice, who is actually in the wrong?

A video has emerged showing two different angles of the Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler kiss.

The footage has lead Love Island fans to believe that two different kisses were set up and that the entire drama between Laura Anderson, Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler was staged.

Here’s what we know from the revealing video.

Is Love Island scripted? Theo Campbell reveals what happens in the villa!


From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep35 on ITV2

Pictured: What happened with the kiss between Jack Fowler and Georgia Steel?

The Kiss: Angle One

In this video, you can see that two different angles have been used to show the kiss.

One clip was used during the normal nightly broadcast of Love Island while the other was used during the Love Island Aftersun show.

Angle one films with Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler in the background.

Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson kiss first before Georgia and Jack share a kiss.

This is the angle first seen on Love Island.

Georgia and Jack shared an awkward ‘which cheek are we kissing on’ exchange, although little G did not forcibly pull Jack in for a second kiss.

The Kiss: Angle Two

In this angle, the camera conveniently has Jack and Georgia in the foreground so you can see the kiss up close.

However, Georgia and Jack kiss first, whereas in the first video Wes and Nelson were the first to share a kiss.


There is also more of a forcible gesture by Georgia to pull Jack in and to claim the second peck.

So Who Kissed Who?

What we believe from the footage is that the original video failed to deliver any clear evidence that Georgia Steel lent in for a second kiss with Jack Fowler.

However, as this drama unfolded inside the villa, it’s likely that Love Island producers wanted to run with the storyline.

Therefore, we presume that Love Island reshot the kiss, ensuring that Georgia more clearly lent in for a second kiss with Jack.

Ultimately, whether Georgia tried to kiss Jack twice or not, she took on the role of being in the wrong at the hand of Love Island producers

It’s a good job we still love her!

Is Love Island scripted? Theo Campbell reveals what happens in the villa!

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