“It’s a manifestation of how people feel about music, about culture”. HBO Max brings a brand new competition series to our screens in 2021 with The Hype. For a bunch of streetwear professionals, it’s their time to shine. Only one person can win The Hype, as well as a cash prize of $150,000!

Three widely recognised judges are ready to critique the Hype cast’s work. Plus, some megastars are guest-starring in the series. So, let’s get to know the show’s designers, from Caroline to Alan, Paije, Jolleson and co. Let the style wars begin.

the hype hbo cast
Screenshot: The Hype | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Hype HBO cast: Alan King

First up on HBO Max’s The Hype cast list we have Alan King.

Alan is the founder of AKINGS – a future wear brand!

He hails from New York and his work is already being dubbed “impressive” by one of the show’s judges, Marni Senofonte, in snippets of the season.

Follow Alan on IG @alanking.

Camila Romero

Camila Romero is also a competitor on The Hype.

She’s the co-founder and designer at women-owned, ethical fashion brand DeadBlud.

Camila comes from Colombia and is based in Los Angeles, California. Follow her on Instagram @camilalalaaa.

The Hype | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Hype | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Justin Mensinger

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Justin Mensinger is next up on the cast list.

Justin’s brand is named after him – Justin Mensinger.

Follow the upcycling genius on Instagram @justinmensinger. He writes in his IG bio: “I don’t make clothing, I make art” and “From the past, for the future“.

The Hype HBO cast: Blu

Coming straight from the A, Blu is taking part in The Hype in 2021.

He’s the founder of WNTD Apparel. Blu says during the show: “I want to tell a story because I’m an artist.

Follow Blu on Instagram @bluboy___.

Kai Nguyen

Kai Nguyen was born in Vietnam but is now based in Los Angeles, California.

He’s the brand owner of Lumières. Shop his clothing online here.

Follow Kai on IG @kailumieres.

Caroline Bentley Noble

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky we have the HBO Max show’s next designer.

Caroline is here to create “opulent streetwear” and is now based in New York City. Take a look at her brand Avenue C online here. Her garms have been worn by the Kardashians!

Follow Caroline on Instagram @carolinebentleynoble.


Murph is the designer behind brand Alani Taylor.

She comes from The Bronx, New York and can be found on Instagram @imjustmurph.

Follow Murph’s Alani Taylor brand on IG @alanitaylorco.

Front Paije

Front Paije comes from Detroit, Michigan.

She’s a recording artist as well as a designer and owner of Front Paije Designs.

Follow mom-of-one Paije on Instagram @front_paije.

The Hype HBO cast: Jolleson

Streetwear to Jolleson is “something that expresses someone’s spirit“.

Jolleson is based in Los Angeles, California and has created looks for some huge celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Cardi B and Normani.

Follow Jolleson on Instagram @jolleson and see his beautiful garments @jollesonofficial.

the hype hbo cast
Screenshot: The Hype HBO cast | Official Trailer | HBO Max



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