Netflix’s new release Hype House takes a look at the lives of the young people behind some of social media’s most successful accounts. Lil Huddy, Mia Hayward and many more TikTok stars create content from a huge mansion (AKA the Hype House) in California.

However, all may not be quite as it seems behind the scenes of the ‘gram, as Hype House exposes divides within the group and how some of the Hype House members have their own aspirations outside of social media fame. So, let’s find out more about who the Hype House founders are and whether the Hype House is over or still going strong in 2022.

Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hype House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who are the Hype House founders?

The Hype House is described on the Netflix series as a “social media collective and brand” by one of its founders, Thomas Petrou.

As well as Thomas, Lil Huddy, Daisy Keech and couple Kouvr Annon and Alex Warren were founders of the Hype House. Daisy Keech left the Hype House in 2020 but the rest of the founders are still a part of the collective.

Alex said: “A year and a half ago we moved into a house full of friends to make content. Started getting interviewed by Forbes, The New York Times, now we’re the Hype House.”

The Hype House seen on the new Netflix series is the second house that the group has lived in. It’s based in Moorpark, California and has some impressive features including a garage filled with luxury cars.

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Is the Hype House over?

At the beginning of Hype House, their home is described as a $5m mansion where 10 friends collaborate to make content, however, as the episodes roll on, viewers may begin to ask questions about the longevity of Hype House.

With so many different social media stars to consider, their personal lives, wants and aspirations, it’s obviously difficult to maintain Hype House for many years, but during the Netflix show, Hype House ‘dad’ Thomas said that although this chapter of Hype House may be over, there may be new people to come along and launch a “Hype House 3.0“.

Hype House formed as a collective in 2018 and judging by the brand’s TikTok page, they’re still active and posting at the time of writing.

Will there be a Hype House season 2?

As Thomas said during Hype House season 1 episode 8, the Hype House is unlikely to shut down, but the cast members of the show may change.

There’s no word from Netflix just yet on whether the show will renew for a second season, but for now, the group is still making TikTok and living in their shared mansion in 2022.

Follow the Hype House on TikTok here to stay up-to-date with the latest shenanigans!

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