The Jodie Weston journey - from reality TV to DJ appearences!

Jodie Weston has gone from appearing on reality TV Shows such as Rich Kids Go Skint (currently airing), BBC’s Eating with My Ex 2019 and MTV’s Love Squad 2020 (currently on air) to DJing all over London.

Due to her large media following, the Manchester-born beauty has dealt with online trolling and some crazy dating experiences.

Here is our chat with Jodie, who you can follow on Instagram under @missjodieweston.

DJ Jodie Weston

What were your experiences like appearing on a TV show like ‘Love Squad’?

It was really fun. Love Squad was a dating show, so I just had to go on dates with three different guys and I had to pick one at the end – and they were either waiting for me in a taxi or they weren’t.

It was really fun because two of my friends and my mum were also involved in that show and they actually had to pick one of the dates for me. It was really interesting to see who they picked and who they thought would be suitable for me. The guys were a little bit crazy so it was really entertaining.

What about your ‘Eating with My Ex’ experience?

So I went on that with one of my exes, Jason, and it was a good experience because it gave closure by making me realise he was not the person for me. It was a nice way to get closure, he was acting up a little to his rapper alter ego which just reminded me of why we should have not been together. All in all, it worked out for the best.

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So what does dating look like for you now?

It is hard for me to find the time, especially because I am so independent and it’s quite intimidating to some men actually, so trying to find my equal is difficult; someone who accepts me for who I am.

I have an ex-boyfriend who cheated on me relentlessly. I mean, within a month I found a girl taking selfies in his bedroom – imagine!

And then I’ve had a lot of crazy guys experience on dates, where they have tried to feel me up when we are sitting across from each other and within ten minutes of actually meeting. I’ve had all crazy scenarios like that but ultimately I have just realised that having a boyfriend is not that important, it is way more important to have a career.

What TV appearance was your personal favourite?

I was on a show a few years ago called ‘Fired By Mum and Dad’ and I really enjoyed it; it was the first show I ever did and I got to go on work experience for two weeks with cameras following me and it was such an interesting experience. I worked at a real estate company who also had an auction house so I was put in a completely different environment with like really really posh people and I had to sell them houses. It was definitely an experience to tell the grandkids!

How do you deal with online trolling?

I have been insulted from head to toe, any insult you can imagine really. But it comes to the point where, for example, some people would insult you for being a chav and then someone else would say you’re too posh; so it gets to a point where you’re smart enough to realise that they’re just insulting you because of it. If it were true, they wouldn’t be insulting you saying such polar opposite things.

Also, the fact that most trolls use fake accounts with not even profile picture, it makes me think that ‘you can dish it out but you can’t take it’; because you are clearly hiding who YOU are and are not happy with yourself.

Tell us about your move to an ambassador for a London hair and beauty salon

I am so excited because they represent vibrancy. being glamorous and that is what my DOLLHOUSE by Jodie Weston brand represents, and everything I do musically comes under that. The salon had a similar type of image; with bright colours and daring to be different and I love that.

People come in all shapes and sizes and I think that is a good thing to represent.

Tell us some more about DJing –  when and how did you start?

So I started DJing three years ago. I had always wanted to learn and was asking people I knew that were DJs to teach me and they would say “oh next week I’ll teach you” but next week never happened.

So, in the end, I went to a DJ academy and did one-on-one tuition for about three months. In the academy, they kind of sell the idea to you that you’re going to have opportunities straight away, but in reality, you have to hustle.

In the beginning, there were few and far between, but in the last year it has really picked up and now I am on the radio as well. I mix on radio, in an actual DJ show not a sit-down show since January, and that has definitely made me gain momentum.

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