The MOMENT Gatsby slapped Pete Wicks' pizza to the floor - & STOLE it!

There is one thing you should never do to another man.

And that is to slap their piping hot 13” pizza to the floor.

Pete Wicks’s sticky cheese topping was slopped across his thin crust base while his layers of pepperoni were no-longer even.

Is there anything worse?

Here’s the moment Liam Gatsby produced the worst sin on reality TV, slapping another man’s pizza to the floor during episode four of The Only Way is Essex.

Who’s the Papa John?

Following a heated row in episode three, Pete Wicks and Liam Gatsby sized each other up once again, this time outside of a popular takeaway spot.

Attempting to prove he was the alpha male, Gatsby stood in silence with his hands behind his back as Tommy Mallet confronted the awkward situation.

Screen Shot: TOMMY (left) talks about the situation. GATSBY (right) – TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

But, after Pete mentioned that he “didn’t have an issue” – for about the 100th time may we add – Gatsby vented his anger over his Essex co-star’s tone of voice.

Apparently, Pete was calling Gatsby ‘The King’ with a hint of sarcasm…

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: PETE WICKS – TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: GATSBY – TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: GATSBY – TOWIE, ITVbe

Falling Like Dominos

The pair continued to bicker with Gatsby saying that “Pete had no friends” whereas he “got along on with everyone”.

Eventually, as Pete brandished his Essex-enemy a “nasty man”, 30-year-old Gatsby could no longer contain his anger, slapping Pete’s pizza to the ground.

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe


And just like dominos, Pete’s pizza was sent tumbling down to the ground.

All Aboard the Pizza Express

The child-like argument didn’t stop there, however, with Gatsby rubbing salt into the wound by stealing Pete’s pizza.

First, Tommy was forced to intervene, restraining Pete and stopping a full-on fist fight from breaking out.

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

But, stealthy Gatsby had other ideas, sneaking away from the potential fight by snatching Pete’s pizza from the ground and running away with it.

Not only had Gatsby ruined another man’s pizza but he also stole the pizza so he could eat it at home.

If that isn’t an act of declaring war, then what is…

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