The moment Sam Thompson let lose a FART in Celebs Go Dating meeting
Would you rather date Sam Thompson or Mike Thalassitis?

The moment Sam Thompson let lose a FART in Celebs Go Dating meeting

Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson was in hilarious form on the latest episode of Celebs Go Dating, shocking both the viewers and the agents with his crude act of relaxation.

Sam has been coming out of his shell week by week on the E4 series, letting his personality shine through Harry Potter spells and Tyrannosaurus-rex impressions.

However, attending a meeting with the Celebs Go Dating agents Eden and Nadia and it looked as if Sam had become a little too comfortable in his surroundings.

After greeting bezzie-b receptionist Tom, Sam was bouncing around in excitement, seemingly about to explode in his meeting with the Celebs Go Dating agents.

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating E4, receptionist Tom

Sam admitted how he was torn between both Amelia and Tammy, unsure which of the two girls he should pick to join him on the show finale in Cape Verde.

But, as Eden attempted to read Amelia’s evaluation of her previous date with Sam, the MIC man interrupted the conversation with an explosion of excitement.

Well, he interrupted with a fart.

While Eden missed the squeaky puff of noise, fellow agent Nadia clocked the fart and was left in stitches.

Screen Shot: Eden reacts

Screen Shot: Nadia has a laughing fit

Although Sam went on to apologise for the incident, Twitter was left with a four second clip that they will treasure forever.

Even Nadia took to Twitter to make note of the smelly incident.

Sam eventually came to the decision that he wanted to take both Amelia and Tammy with him to the show finale in Cape Verde.

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson – Celebs Go Dating, E4

Elsewhere on the show and race car driver Seb Morris asked his date Sarah to join him in Cape Verde, while TOWIE star Gemma Collins picked two men to join her on the romantic trip to Western Africa.

Tallia Storm went on a threesome date where she is still torn between Teddy and Will when it comes to picking a man, and ‘Muggy’ Mike Thalassitis confirmed he had finally found someone who could put up with him long enough to share a six-hour flight abroad.

CELEBS GO DATING: Mike Thalassitis

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