The Paras: Men of War - Inside the filming, locations and cast!

For fans of hard-hitting military documentaries then look no further than The Paras: Men of War.

The three-part ITV documentary launches on Thursday night (January 10th) as recruits arrive for the start of their brutal 28-week training camp.

Why are recruits called Joe? Where was it filmed? – Here is everything you need to know!

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Pictured: Parachute Regiment training team with Lieutenant Dan Lovegrove (4th from the left)
Photographer: Jonny Ashton

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What is The Paras: Men of War About?

The ITV documentary gives viewers exclusive access into the U.K’s elite Parachute Regiment.

This was the first time that the regiment had opened its doors to a TV network, which naturally comes with a variety of challenges.

Series producer Nick Betts spoke about the difficulty when filming a group of military men whose profession had not captured on camera in over 35 years:

In the early weeks of research, most paras I met were paranoid that I was either working for The Sun or as an undercover Panorama reporter. I told them that I wasn’t bright enough to be so Machiavellian and this elicited the occasional smile, which helps when you’re on your own trying to win over a regiment of 1,200-plus blokes, one by one.

The series was filmed over 12 months and starts when new recruits arrive on campus for their 28-week training camp.

If you thought SAS: Who Dares Wins was tough, then wait until you see the Paras in action.

There’s no gimmicks, reality TV thrills or easy escape route as the documentary highlights exactly how raw recruits are turned into trained killers.

Pictured: 31-year-old Private Parry
Photographer: Jonny Ashton

How to Watch The Paras: Men of War

The Paras: Men of War airs every Thursday night on ITV at 9 pm.

There are three parts to the documentary, meaning it will continue until Thursday, January 24th.

The Paras: Men of War: Location

The series opens at the Catterick barracks in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

The Catterick Garrison is a famous garrison and the largest in Britain, spanning over 2,400 acres with a population of 13,000.

By 2020, the population of the military town is expected to reach 25,000!

From here, the Paras were filmed across the world, touching down in U.S.A military base Fort Bragg while also scouring the planet for the toughest climates available, such as freezing conditions in Latvia.

Senior producer Ross Hayley said:

At one point, our production vehicles couldn’t drive in the icy conditions, so we headed into a blizzard on foot with just a GoPro and a Karma Grip to capture a savage eight-mile run.

Pictured: Recruit York Avery stands to attention during exercise in extreme weather.

What Else Do We Know?

You’ll see new recruits instead having their heads shaved and losing their civilian name in place of Joe.

All the new recruits are called Joe because it stands for Joined On Enlistment.



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