The Repair Shop Christmas special 2020: Cast, items and start time!

The Repair Shop Christmas special 2020: Cast, items and start time!

There’s nothing quite like having a Christmas wish granted and the restorers at The Repair Shop are doing just that for some lucky people.

The BBC One show sees members of the public bring in their treasured items which are often overdue some restoration work.

Prepare for hearts to be warmed this festive season as all kinds of cherished items are given a new lease of life.

Picture Shows: (L-R) Steven Fletcher, Will Kirk, Jay Blades, Suzie Fletcher – (C) Ricochet Ltd – Photographer: Steven Peskett

When is The Repair Shop Christmas special 2020?

Fans of The Repair Shop will surely be pleased to see the show air for a Christmas special in 2020.

The festive episode kicks off at 6:45 pm on Boxing Day and lasts an hour.

Jay Blades, Julie Tatchell, Amanda Stewart, Steve Stewart, Amanda Middleditch – (C) Ricochet – Photographer: Production

The Repair Shop Christmas special: Items

Given that The Repair Shop is bringing viewers a Christmas special, the items brought onto the show, and their stories, are particularly touching.

Two sisters get to relive their childhood when their stereogram is restored at The Repair Shop. Once upon a time it was the centrepiece during Christmastime, but it arrives at the shop old and worn.

Next up, Vicar Steve Stewart and his wife, Amanda, bring a rocking horse into the shop.

The rocking horse was a gift for their daughter who sadly passed away at just seven years old. Once repaired on the show, the couple plan on giving it to their nine-year-old daughter so that she can have a memory of her sister.

A Christmas gift from 1945 also enters the shop thanks to 80-year-old Christopher Sugg. His toy was made by Second World War engineers and given to him by his father. Now, he wants to regift it to his grandson.

A musical Christmas carousel is also in for repair. A family tradition of getting the ornament out every year for thirty years can carry on once it’s given a new lease of life courtesy of the shop.

Jay Blades, Kirsty Smith, Virginia Smith, Kate Smith, Steve Fletcher – (C) Ricochet – Photographer: Production

Who are The Repair Shop restorers?

The Repair Shop cast has grown since the show first launched on BBC Two in 2017.

The experts on the show include metal worker Dominic Chinea, clock restoring and leather working siblings Steven and Suzie Fletcher, carpenter Will Kirk, toy restorers Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell, ceramics conservator Kirsten Ramsay, painting conservator Lucia Scalisi and silversmith Brenton West.

The Repair Shop also features a variety of guest experts as well as Jay Blades as presenter of the show.

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Donna Archibald, Sandra Cole – (C) Ricochet – Photographer: Production



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