The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes starts tonight! What is C4's new feel-good series?
The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes: - Staff group picture

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes starts tonight! What is C4's new feel-good series?

Channel 4 is known for embarking on thoughtful and ambitious projects and their latest endeavour fits the bill entirely.

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes is set to be a feel-good watch for all and we have all the info you need to know before it starts tonight (Wednesday, June 12th)!

Read on to find out about the show, it’s air date and whether you can visit the restaurant…

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The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes: Air date

The show will kick off on Wednesday, June 12th on Channel 4.

It will air weekly at 9 pm for five weeks in total.

And after they are broadcast, all episodes will be available to watch on Channel 4’s catch up service 4oD.

What is the show about?

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes sees a restaurant in Bristol entirely staffed by people with dementia, in the hopes that it will change how people perceive those living – and particularly those working – with the condition.

This project was inspired by a similar endeavour which took place in Tokyo, Japan last year!

The pop-up restaurant will be overseen by famous Bristolian chef Josh Eggleton, who owns the Michelin-starred gastropub the Pony & Trap.

Josh will help the new waiters through their role and Channel 4 has said to expect a “sometimes poignant, sometimes funny but overall a feel good and surprising series”.

Why is the focus on dementia?

Research done by The Alzheimer’s Society – who have partnered with Channel 4 to make the programme – shows that there will be over a million people suffering from dementia in the UK by 2025.

They decided to partner up with Channel 4 for this project to destigmatise dementia, particularly in the workplace.

C4’s head of features and formats, Sarah Lazenby said:

A dementia diagnosis doesn’t, and shouldn’t mean the end of a career.

Can you visit the restaurant?

Unfortunately not.

This five-week project started in winter last year and finished on December 12th, 2018.

But we are hoping that if it is a resounding success, they might consider re-opening the pop-up restaurant. Or even set up a permanent residence at the old firehouse on Silver Street, Bristol, where the pop-up was held.



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