The Royal World is a new reality TV show to MTV.

A load of twenty-somethings living together for the summer along with a lifetime’s supply of champagne, afternoon tea and a hot tub – what could possibly go wrong?

Sienna Myson joined the house as a late arrival and since then it was pretty much turned upside down.

So what’s going on on The Royal World? Who’s being bullied?

Screen Shot: Jess, Camilla and Zara The Royal World e1 – MTV

Sienna’s Arrival

While Niyi seemed pretty pleased at Sienna’s arrival, Zara and Camilla didn’t like Sienna from the moment she arrived.

Niyi said: “Sienna gets out the car and I’m literally like you’re so my type. Zara who?”

Sienna said:

I was really nervous when I got out of the car. Please just be accepting and welcoming!

And it looked like Zara and Camilla didn’t quite get that memo.

Sienna did her best to make the group some cocktails for Camilla to remark that they were “vile”.

Screen Shot: Zara and Camilla The Royal World e3 – MTV

The Comments Begin

Right from the off, Zara and Camilla had a lot to say about new girl Sienna and it seemed everyone could tell a fall-out was on the horizon.

During Sienna’s first day in the house, Daniel said: “I have a feeling Sienna might cause a few divisions in the house. I think her confidence might not go down so well with Zara and Camilla.”

While Zara commented:

New girl’s arrived. Not really my type of person, wearing far too much makeup. Chisel, chisel, chisel!

Screen Shot: The Royal World e4 – MTV

In episode 4 Camilla, Sienna and Zara fell out over Sienna’s tendency to get up at 6:30 am.

Camilla said to Zara:

She’s the worst type of girl, she’s cheap, she looks so old. Please don’t say anything.

The Drama Escalates

The next morning Camilla and Sienna made up.

However, while she was out with Daniel, Niyi and Jess, Zara and Camilla took it upon themselves to play a prank on Sienna by removing her bed sheets to expose her fake tan stains.

Screen Shot: The Royal World e4 – MTV

By episode 5 Sienna wasn’t just getting it from Zara and Camilla, Dima asked her when he was going to see her “without her Picasso” in reference to her makeup and Tyler piped up: “I’ve got a bad feeling about Sienna. She won’t name her boyfriend’s name.”

As well as now being dubbed “untrustworthy” and wearing “too much” makeup, Sienna was not off to a nice start in the house.

No Apology Needed

As if things couldn’t have got any worse, the royal cast hit the nightclub in episode 4. Sienna said that Camilla pushed past her on the night out.

Camilla then branded Sienna “b**chy” and “defensive”.

the royal world mtv bullying

Screen Shot: The Royal World e4 – MTV

To sort things out, the girls met for afternoon tea.

Sienna said she was shocked that she hadn’t received an apology.

Zara said: “I dont know who you are so why am I going to apologise for something I haven’t done wrong?”

the royal world mtv bullying

Screen Shot: The Royal World e4 – MTV

Zara and Camilla continually laughed in Sienna’s face during the talk.

Camilla joked: “Do you want a tissue first?”

Zara said: “I don’t care. Oh my God stop playing the f***ing victim.”

Sienna said she shouldn’t have to put up with the way she’s been treated for Zara to say:

You’re wasting my time, can you leave?

Screen Shot: The Royal World e6 – MTV

The bullying continued to the very last episode of the series (6) where everyone reflected on their time in the house.

It seems that the bullying issue was totally sidestepped during the show. Zara said she had learned about herself: “I’m a little bit of a hot head. I should probably bite my tongue sometimes because I give too much importance to people who don’t deserve it.”



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