INSIDE The World's Busiest Hotel - The Venetian Palazzo complex!

Channel 5’s ‘World’s Busiest’ is back.

The series takes a look at some of the busiest places on Earth and examines how everything is kept under control.

World’s Busiest Hotel airs Monday, January 21st at 7 pm and Executive chef Olivier Dubreuil and his staff prepare a buffet for 9,000-person strong conference meeting but hit a problem when the oven goes on the blink.

So where is the World’s Busiest Hotel? And how much does it cost to stay?

Where is The World’s Busiest Hotel?

The five star Venetian Palazzo complex is located on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Specifically 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109.

The grandeur of the hotel complex along with its prime location are two huge factors in bumping up its prices and of course, its popularity.

How Much is it to Stay?

To stay at the Venetian Palazzo complex in January 2019 it’ll set you back £248.40 per night according to their website.

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And, in July 2019 it’s actually cheaper at around £200 a night.

Dinner and drinks during your stay are bound to come at a cost with a prime rib-eye steak at The Factory Kitchen costing $48, a dozen oysters at Lavo Italian Restaurant costing $32 and an Oreo Vanilla milkshake for $12.

When is the Next Available Booking?

Although it’s hailed the World’s Busiest Hotel it seems pretty easy to get booked in at the Venetian Palazzo.

The complex has more than 7,000 rooms and employs around 8,500 workers.

Being home to America’s highest-grossing restaurant you’d think that booking a table would involve a lengthy waiting list but apparently not.

To make a dinner reservation online is easy with multiple date and time options available.



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