It’s still pretty much a shock to most that Spencer Matthews has settled down.

But he and model Vogue Williams are still going strong after meeting, getting married and having a baby together in the space of a year.

This year looks to be a good one for the couple as they now have their very own reality TV series!

Spencer and Vogue chose ‘Theodore’ as their baby’s name. But is that what they call him all the time?
Spencer, Theodore and Vogue

What is Theodore’s Full Name?

In Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too episode 1 Spencer Matthews’s Made in Chelsea pal, Hugo Taylor went over for dinner.

Hugo said: “Have you guys come to settle on a name?”

Spencer jokingly replied: “Moses”.

Vogue said: “No, we’re not doing Moses. Theodore.”

“Theodore, we actually heard off a girl at boot camp.”

Spencer looked puzzled, Vogue continued: “Don’t pretend you made it up. You didn’t make it up.”

Spencer replied: “I didn’t make it up, it’s my favourite chipmunk.”

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The adorable baby’s full name is very personal to the couple – Theodore Fredrick Michael Matthews.

‘Fredrick’ after Vogue’s father who passed away in 2010 and ‘Michael’ after Spencer’s brother who passed away in 1999.

When was Theodore Born?

Theodore Matthews was born in September 2018.

A month or so after he was born Vogue said that they hadn’t used his name ‘Theodore’ yet, but call him ‘Beefy’, ‘Pigly’, ‘Beef Cake’, ‘Beef Taco’ or anything else to do with beef.

Do Spencer and Vogue Have Other Children?

Technically, no.

But during the couple’s new reality show Vogue has referred to her spaniel dog, Winston, as her ‘first-born child’.

Spencer, however, wasn’t too supportive of Vogue’s view of Winston.

Vogue said that as Winston is Spencer’s step-son he should make him feel happy, too.

Spencer replied: “No-one really lies their step-son.”


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