Sam Thompson is back on Celebs Go Dating for his second swing at finding love – and his teeth look brighter than ever!

The blonde-haired 26-year-old has become renown for his childish charm and nerdy banter, something most women have found irresistible despite his often dishonest dating tactics.

Whether you’re team Sammy T or not, you have to appreciate his dazzling smile. Here’s a look at how he looked before and after some obvious dental work with an investigation into some of the products he uses.

Sam Thompson - The Celebs Go Dating star everyone wants to marry

Sam Thompson – Celebs Go Dating 2019

Sam Thompson Teeth: Before and After

Rewind a few years to a time where Sam was just starting to appear on Made in Chelsea as Louise Thompson’s lil’ brother and the fresh-faced 22-year-old looked significantly different.

For starters, he wasn’t in the gym every day.

Oh, and he didn’t appear to enjoy brushing his hair.

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Rocking the burn baby! @luxsouthari

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Pictures of his teeth have been more difficult to source, although it’s safe to say that his smile just wasn’t quite as glowing ‘back in the day’.

See what we mean…



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Pearly teeth and a pair of little ears @tiffanyc_watson

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How Does Sam Thompson Have Such White Teeth?

Sam isn’t known to have had any cosmetic surgery and it doesn’t look like he has had veneers.

In fact, the Celebs Go Dating star has only ever previously opened up about a beauty routine that contains some extensive moisturising. And that’s about it!

With regards to his teeth, there are no toothpaste products he plugs on social media bar one.

In 2017, he posted this video about using an activated charcoal product from Pro Teeth Whitening Co.

You can purchase the powdered product here for £11.99 or source it from Amazon and Boots.



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