The Our Planet walrus episode has encouraged audiences to flock to social media and demand change, so here’s what it’s all about.

David Attenborough’s new documentary nature series reached Netflix on Friday, April 5th, 2019.

It’s brought to us by the same team responsible for the fantastic Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

This latest effort was filmed over four years and across fifty different countries. It also boasts a phenomenal soundtrack. Despite all the beauty on display, one moment painfully stands out.
Our Planet, David Attenborough, Netflix 2019

Our Planet: Walrus

You may have noticed recently that social media has been overrun with talk of Our Planet’s walrus episode.

It’s raised many a tear. Concerned and emotional audiences on Twitter are referring to a moment in which a walrus falls to its death from a great height.

The Pacific walruses are left confused and conflicted by the retreat of the ice. With poor eyesight, the creatures climb cliffs and fall to their deaths in an attempt to reach the surface.
still from Our Planet episode 2, Netflix, 2019

What episode is it?

The Our Planet Walrus episode refers to episode 2.

It’s worth watching the whole episode. However, if you want to cut to the walrus segment then it’s worth skipping to roughly 44 minutes in.

The scene is filmed in the Russian Arctic.
still from Our Planet episode 2, Netflix 2019

Our Planet: Walrus reactions

The footage has left many emotionally devastated.

It’s now being highlighted as a symbol of climate change; of horror.

Has it been controversial?

Our Planet showcases some very distressing content.

However, it’s presenting a desperate truth. This is what’s going on, and the crew are highlighting the importance of a range of environmental issues.

Attenborough’s series is a marvel and has attracted great acclaim. More importantly, it’s advocating reflection.


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