Tim from Moonshiners net worth explored: Climax Spirits to TV earnings!

Tim Smith is one of the main cast members on Moonshiners, let’s take a look at the reality TV star’s net worth including his business and earnings from the show!

Discovery’s Moonshiners features a variety of moonshiners including Tickle, Mark and Digger. Tim and the rest of the cast create moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains.

The show has often had viewers asking questions around the legality of the alcohol’s creation. However, the main cast members are licensed distillers, so fans can rest easy knowing that they’re highly unlikey to get caught up in any legal battles.

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Who is Tim from Moonshiners?

Tim Smith is a 54-year-old reality TV star who appears on Discovery’s Moonshiners.

He’s a third-generation moonshiner and distiller who has appeared on the TV show since 2011.

As reported by The Celebs Info, Tim has a wife named Shelby Smith. The pair have been married since 1986.

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Together, Tim and Shelby have a son named JT and the family lives in Climax, Virginia.

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Moonshiners: Tim’s net worth

Thought to be the richest moonshiner, Tim’s net worth sits at $700,000 as per TV Show Casts.

Some outlets have reported Tim’s net worth as being closer to $150,000 or $500,000. However, the moonshiner moved from distilling liquor in the woods to setting up a legitimate business, so viewers can assume that he’s enjoying a pretty hefty net worth these days.

Tim and his co-star Tickle are also business partners and life long friends. The pair works together at Climax Spirits.

Climax Spirits sells various types of moonshine including ‘Cinnamon Spice’ flavour and ‘Whiskey Wood-Fired’. A 75cl bottle of moonshine, made from barley, rye and corn, would set you back around £47 online.

How much do Moonshiners get paid per episode?

Given that Tim has essentially been the face, or frontman, of Moonshiners, some may assume that he would earn a fair deal from appearing on the Discovery show. He’s been on the reality TV programme for 10 years in 2021.

According to Life and Style, the cast members on Moonshiners earn around $30,000 per episode.

The $30k per episode as well as Tim’s earnings through his own business are likely to ensure that he has a healthy bank balance in 2021!

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