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How to buy Tim Smith's Sweet Tea Moonshine

Moonshiners wrapped up its eleventh season in 2021. One expert in the art of making moonshine is Moonshiners star Tim Smith. Not only has Tim appeared in the regular Discovery show but he’s also starred in spin-offs such as Master Distiller, Whiskey Business and Shiners on Shine.

When it comes to Moonshiners legends, Tim Smith is definitely up there with the OGs as he has appeared on the show since it first began back in 2011. Now, the show is onto season 11 and it has multiple spin-off shows which Tim also appears in. Let’s take a look at how to buy Tim Smith’s Sweet Tea Moonshine.

Can you buy Sweet Tea Moonshine?

Yes! A Sweet Tea Moonshine can be purchased online via Caskers.com.

The sweet tea moonshine, ‘Sugarlands Shine Southern Sweet Tea Moonshine’, comes from Sugarlands and costs around $25.

Sugarlands Distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee often collaborates with the cast of Moonshiners on speciality moonshine flavours. Over the holiday period in 2021 a range of moonshines were made available for purchase via Sugarlands created by Mark and Digger, Jim Tom Hedrick and more.

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Tim has his own spirit brand

If Tim Smith fans are looking for his specific sweet tea moonshine, then look no further than Tim Smith’s very own spirit brand.

Tim sells a variety of ‘Moon Chasers’ on his website and one of them is sweet tea flavour.

The Moon Chasers also come in Margarita Mix & Moonshine flavour.

As well as Moon Chasers and Whiskey, Tim sells straight up moonshine and Cinnamon Spice Moonshine.

How long has Tim Smith been making moonshine?

Many of the cast members on Moonshiners have been making the liquor since they were young teenagers and the methods are often passed down through the generations.

Tim’s been making moonshine on Monshiners for over 10 years and is passing the traditions onto his son.

As per his website, he still goes by a 100-year-old moonshine recipe.

Find Tim on Instagram @tim.smith.spirits where he has over 27k followers.

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