Since 2019, Selling Sunset has been a huge hit with Netflix viewers. Season 1 came along and after being such a success, seasons 2 and 3 dropped in 2020. Vanessa Villela was a brand new cast member in Selling Sunset season 4 in 2021 and now she’s back for the 2022 show.

Selling Sunset season 5 dropped on Netlfix on April 22nd and Vanessa appears on-screen along with her fiancé, Tom. The romantic relationships of The Oppenheim Group’s realtors are arguably equally as important as their work lives on the show. So, let’s find out more about Vanessa’s beau on Selling Sunset – Tom Fraud.

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Vanessa Villela was a Selling Sunset newbie in 2021

Throwing it back to season 4 and Vanessa was a newcomer to The Oppenheim Group.

Now, she’s back for a second season and the attention has turned slightly from her skills as a real estate agent to her latest romance.

Vanessa was an actress but decided to opt for a career in property instead. She was born in Mexico in 1978 and was previously in a relationship with actor Mario Cimarro from 2009 until 2013.

Who is Vanessa Villela’s fiancé?

Speaking of her romance on Selling Sunset season 5 episode 1, Vanessa said: “Nick and I have been together for 10 months“.

Her fiancé, Nick Hardy, lives in the UK and the two met online. Vanessa said they spoke for three months and then decided to meet in Mexico. They were supposed to visit Mexico for 10 days but ended up staying there for two months.

Nick said it would be great if Vanessa could travel with him but it appears that her job is keeping her in LA and the two are having to keep their relationship long distance for the time being.

Speaking of their relationship, Nick said on the show: “You couldn’t have chosen more of a difficult person to have a relationship with. You’ve chosen an English guy and a photographer.

Selling Sunset: Vanessa and Tom Fraud

Some Selling Sunset viewers may be confused as to who Tom Fraud is, but don’t panic, Vanessa hasn’t got two fiancés on the go, it’s just that her partner has a real name and a professional name.

Nick Hardy goes by ‘Tom Fraud’ professionally and he can be found on Instagram using the name.

With almost 15.8K followers on Instagram, Vanessa’s fiancé can be found @tomfraud. He writes in his bio: “TOM FRAUD is a fictitious name representing Art and Freedom!“.

Judging by some of Tom’s photographs on the ‘gram, Vanessa is his muse and he even has a Story Highlight dedicated to her.



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