Tomasz Wania is taking Big Brother 2018 by storm.

The adorable 31-year-old has become one of the most loveable characters in the house thanks to his reluctance to do physical tasks and preference of sitting around eating ice cream.

He may have rustled a few feathers and shaken a few beds with his thunderous late night snoring but by day, Tomasz is a Big Brother favourite.

So, where is Tomasz from? What is his nationality? What is his sexuality?

Tomasz Wania: Nationality

Tomasz was born in Poland.

However, he moved to England 10 years ago and now works as a cleaner in London.

Since arriving in the U.K in 2008, Tomasz has enjoyed life in the capital city as he feels more comfortable in being himself.

In Poland, members of the LGBT+ community are considered second-class citizens. They have no rights and no civil partnerships.

Big Brother 2018 - Tomasz.

Big Brother 2018 – Tomasz.

Although Tomasz has been in the country for a decade, we’re unsure if he has a full U.K citizenship.


He told Big Brother that he would spend the winning money on “becoming a citizen”.

Tomasz Wania: Sexuality

Tomasz identifies as gender fluid, although he doesn’t mind if people label him as male or female.

He said:

Anything goes; it really doesn’t bother me.

He’s also been in a relationship for seven years, where it became an open relationship over the last three years.

Big Brother 2018 - Tomasz.

Big Brother 2018 – Tomasz.

How Long Does Big Brother Last?

The previous series lasted for a grand total of 54 days – two days short of eight weeks.

Some series have run as long as 72 days, although the norm over the past few years has been eight weeks.

This means that Big Brother will air across the entirety of September and October.

If it runs for eight weeks, Big Brother should finish on Friday, November 9th.



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