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too hot to handle Brazil cast

Too Hot To Handle: Brazil - Prize money and rules of Netflix show revealed!

You have broken a rule and have incurred the maximum penalty” are the words that no one wants to hear on Too Hot To Handle. The aim of the game? To avoid any kind of sexual activity in order to bag as much money as possible. Here’s a look at how much money the contestants can win.

Under the surveillance of AI ‘Lana’, the cast of Too Hot To Handle: Brazil gets fined if they slip up during the show. Lana is watching them around the clock and sex is off the table – so things may get quite difficult for the contestants.

Screenshot: Too Hot To Handle: Brazil – Netflix

Too Hot To Handle: Brazil release date and time

Too Hot To Handle: Brazil dropped onto Netflix on July 21st 2021.

Episodes 1-4 were immediately available on July 21st, and the next four episodes (5-8) will be available to watch in a week, on July 28th.

The format of the show is the same as the other Too Hot To Handle series. However, the contestants are speaking Portuguese and the show is translated as it plays out.

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How much is the Too Hot To Handle: Brazil prize money?

The amount of prize money up for grabs on Too Hot To Handle: Brazil is 500,000 Brazilian Real.

The idea of the show is for the cast members to connect on a deeper level than just sexual attraction. If the contestants make it to the end of the contest they win the 500,000, however, they have to follow the rules.

Lana said during episode 1: “From this point forward you are not allowed to engage in any type of sexual activity. That means there’s no kissing, no horizontal ‘cha cha’, no heavy petting or any kind of act at all related to sexual pleasure including those acts that are traditionally performed individually“.

For each rule broken, a certain amount of money is deducted from the total. If the sexual ban were to already have been in place, after just one day together, the group would end up with zero real.

Episode 1 already saw people sitting on each other’s laps and all kinds of kissing, from pecking to making out, so it doesn’t really bode well for the rest of the series!

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 | Official Trailer

How much is the prize money in GBP?

Episode 1 saw the Too Hot To Handle: Brazil contestants’ ‘dry spell’ officially begin.

The prize money of 500,000 Brazilian Real converts to £70,100.00 GBP and $95,310.70 USD.

Contestant Matheus said during episode 2: “I think getting out of this retreat with 500,000 Reals will be impossible.

Some contestants speculated that they think that having sex would cost 20,000 Real and kissing, about 5,000. Davi said he thought that having sex would cost them 100,000 Real.

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