Tough As Nails is back for a second season, following the success of its first on CBS. So, who is the winner of this series?

Workers from labour jobs, such as construction, are put to the ultimate test in the series, which sets them through their paces physically and mentally.

A range of real-life individuals from physically-challenging jobs take part in the reality show, to figure out who really is Tough As Nails.

So, who wins Tough As Nails season 2? Who won the first season? Keep reading to discover who fans think will be successful in this series…

Screenshot: The season premiere of ‘Tough as Nails’, WTVR CBS 6 YouTube

Who was in the Tough As Nails season 2 final?

The gruelling challenge started off with 12 contestants, which saw several of them eliminated before leaving three in the season finale.

Those left in the season 2 final were:

  • Scott Henry
  • Sarah Burkett
  • Cyril “Zeus” Ontai III

They were put to the ultimate test in the final episode of the season, which required both height and skills techniques to be used.

Who is the Tough As Nails season 2 winner?

  • Scott Henry

The winner was part of Savage Team, which won the season team prize.

Scott is a 40-year-old construction superintendent from Orem, Utah.

He lives in Ogden, running jobs in the geotechnical field, such as stopping landslides, lifting buildings, building retaining walls, and dam repair.

The contestant is married to Holly Henry, who it appears that he shares three daughters with.

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Meet Scott Henry on Instagram

Scott was one of the favourites to win, having performed well all season.

He spoke about his Savage Crew family, who he clearly became close to during the Tough As Nails filming period.

It also looks like his main priority are his family, who he often shares pictures with, including his wife Holly.

Construction may be Scott’s strong talent, but he doesn’t take life too serious, and regularly makes his followers laugh with comedy skits.



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