Since she first arrived on the TOWIE scene, Demi Sims has fitted right in.

Chloe Sims’ younger sister first appeared on the show at Pete Wick’s birthday party in series 23.

She officially joined the show in 2019 for TOWIE Thailand and has been the centre of attention ever since.

Now, Demi’s being asked out by Sam Mucklow and sharing some flirtation with Shelby Tribble. So, is there a romance on the cards?

Pictured: Demi Sims.

What happened with Sam Mucklow and Demi Sims?

During episode 4 of TOWIE series 24 Sam and Demi went out for a picnic.

Demi said: “It’s really nice that you’ve brought me here. I don’t usually go on dates with guys actually, Sam.”

Sam asked Demi: “When did you know that you was bisexual?”

Demi replied: “When I was, like, 16. You know Megan Fox? I just really fancied her.”

Demi said she broke up with her long-term girlfriend when she was 19 or 20 years old.

Sam said:

So what do you think of our first date?

Demi chirped up: “Well, wait a minute because it’s a ‘mate date’ isn’t it?”

Sam replied: “What do you mean ‘mate date’?”

Whether Sam and Demi go on a ‘proper’ date is yet to be seen!
Screen Shot: TOWIE s24 e4 – ITVBe

Demi Sims’ ex-girlfriend

Demi mentioned that she had a girlfriend until a couple of years ago when she was about 20.

Unfortunately, there’s no sign of who Demi’s ex is but given that her type could be Megan-Fox-Esq they’re bound to be pretty good looking.

Demi is on Instagram as @demsims and is often pictured with other celebs including Love Island’s Hannah Elizabeth.

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Could Demi Sims and Shelby Tribble become an item?

On series 24 of The Only Way is Essex, episode 4, Demi has a chat with Courtney Green and Shelby at the football match.

Shelby and Demi clear the air after Sam Mucklow moved on from Shelby to Demi during the cast’s trip to Thailand.

Shelby said: “So, what is the deal with you two?”
Screen Shot: TOWIE s24 e4 – ITVBe

Demi replied: “I don’t know, like, I’m undecided at the moment. It’s different for me because I usually like girls.”

Courtney then pitched in and said: “I mean Shelbz you haven’t really had much luck with men, have you?”

Shelby said: “I’ve had enough of men so I’m considering turning the other way. Imagine me nicking you off Sam.”
Screen Shot: TOWIE s24 e4 – ITVBe
Screen Shot: TOWIE s24 e4 – ITVBe

Demi continued: “This is interesting then, ain’t it!”

Shelby started getting hot under the collar and added: “Why am I getting all embarrassed?”

Demi said before leaving: “I feel really shy, I’m not gonna lie”.


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