Fans of The Only Way is Essex were left in shock as Jon Clark exploded with anger at Chloe Sims in yet another heated bust-up.

It’s not the first time we have witnessed the TOWIE star boiling over with rage, although his spite has been more commonly directed at Dan Edgar over series 22.

This time, however, Chloe felt the wrath of Jon’s fury as he went pretty damn bananas in the middle of a club.

Rattling Chloe’s Cage

It was an all too familiar scene for TOWIE fans, with Jon approaching Chloe to apologise over comments that she felt were rude and disrespectful.

Déjà vu anyone?

Jon had quipped to Dean Ralph that his Essex pal should “rattle” Chloe, meaning to have sex with her.

Screen Shot: CHLOE speak - TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: CHLOE speak – TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: CHLOE speak - TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: CHLOE speak – TOWIE, ITVbe

We’re not sure Gemma Collins appreciated the term, either.




Losing His Rag

From here, the argument spiralled out of control, with Chloe refusing to accept Jon’s attempts at an apology.

The pair sparred aggressively, leaving poor James ‘Arg’ Argent with absolutely nowhere to look.

Screen Shot: ARG - TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: ARG – TOWIE, ITVbe

Eventually, Arg attempted to defuse the situation by chaperoning Jon away.

However, Chloe came swinging back, squaring up to Jon as tensions boiled over.




Dividing Twitter

On the surface, the large part of TOWIE fans expressed their disapproval at Jon, who has become the latest male star to lash out aggressively at a female.

Many believe that Jon needs to attend a couple anger management classes.

While others can see the humorous side to Jon’s truculent attitude.

Everyone agrees that is difficult to completely defend Jon’s actions, although some fans on social media have emphasised with Big J.

It’s not the first time he has been caught up in a fiery conflict with Chloe…

And Jon rarely has anyone to side with him…

How about telling us your thoughts in the comments.

Was Jon in the wrong? Or was Chloe pushing his buttons?

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