Meet Troy Arnold on Instagram: Making the Cut's designer and Parsons teacher

Meet Troy Arnold on Instagram: Making the Cut's designer and Parsons teacher

Making the Cut is back on Friday, April 3rd for its second instalment of episodes.

Ever since it kicked off last week (Friday, March 27th), Making the Cut has gained fans around the world and made stars of the featured designers. The third and fourth episodes will see the ten remaining designers battle it out and deal with challenges such as collaborations and tight deadlines.

One of the ones to watch in the competition is undoubtedly Troy Arnold, who has continued to inspire with his looks.

So, we decide to find out more about Troy. Get to know the Making the Cut star here!

Screenshot: Making the Cut S1 E3 – Amazon Prime

Who is Troy Arnold?

Troy Hul Arnold is an artist and designer based in East Harlem, New York City. He grew up in Brooklyn.

Speaking in Making the Cut episode 3 about growing up, Troy said:

When I was a kid, my mom, she was a housekeeper for a few very wealthy families. I would always go with my mom to her different jobs. So they would give us hand-me-downs of what their kids would wear and from that I learned about labels, fashion brands. From that moment I knew that fashion was my path.

Troy is also a professor at Parsons School of Design. He teaches a variety of classes there to support his namesake brand.

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Screenshot: Making the Cut S1 E3 – Amazon Prime

Troy on Making the Cut

Troy said in episode 3: “It’s not just about winning a competition. This could change my life.”

He has consistently stood out in the competition, and won many fans both on the show and from the viewership at home.

In the third episode, which saw the designers collaborate with their competition, Josh Hupper called Troy a “genius.” So, he’s got some pretty high praise!

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Follow Troy Arnold on Instagram

Troy is very active with his posts on Instagram, posting about his work both as an artist and a designer.

Troy also posts lots about his family, and speaks about what an inspiration his mother is to him.

You can find Troy on Instagram under the handle @helene_of_troy.




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