True Love or True Lies? Evidence for and against Carrie!

As we enter the business end of True Love or True Lies? it’s time to take an investigative look at Carrie May Schofield.

The MTV newbie entered the house alongside boyfriend Mike. However, with three of the seven evicted couples being fake, everybody is sceptical about the latest pair of lovers.

By sitting on social media all day, we can now put Carrie under the microscope to find out whether she is real or fake.

Built for Reality TV

The problem with Carrie May is that she looks perfectly constructed for reality TV.

From her bleach blonde hair to lengthy eyelashes, busty front and built-up back, this girl looks like she has been placed on MTV to kick-start a celeb career.

What’s that expression? If it’s too good to be true…

Carrie on Facebook

There appears to be more than one of the same Carrie May Schofield on Facebook, which raises suspicions.

These could be fan-made as we have no evidence, although it does seem peculiar.

There is Carrie Schofield ‘now’, with 45 friends, a younger (but still the same person) Carrie with three friends, and Carrie from her school years.


Screen Shot: Facebook – Carrie Schofield

Screen Shot: Facebook – Carrie Schofield

Screen Shot: Facebook – Carrie Schofield

Carrie on Twitter

While Carrie isn’t exactly the world’s biggest tweeter – 287 tweets in three years – there are zero mentions of a boyfriend over this period. The link to this Twitter page is in her official Instagram page.

According to Carrie and Mike, they’ve been together for two years.

Isn’t that odd? Considering Carrie’s Twitter page doesn’t have any tweets between 2016 and July 2018 – and the only tweets from that date are about MTV’s True Love or True Lies.


There is also an old Carrie Schofield account on Twitter, which we can confirm is the same person due to matching pictures on Instagram

Here, however, there is a mention of a boyfriend called ‘Dino Warren’ back in 2014.

What about Mike?

Carrie on Instagram

There are no pictures of Carrie and Mike on Instagram.

Carrie has over 20,000 followers on Instagram. Perhaps she simply felt that adding pics of a boyfriend would damage her follower numbers, considering 90% of the pics are about having fun in a bikini.



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