MTV’s True Love or True Lies? has been anything but boring.

Couples we fully believed were real have been exposed as fake, while people we thought were straight have actually been revealed to be anything but.

If all of those couples are found to be fake, what about the last two? Predicted winners Liv and Louis surely can’t be fake, right?

Well, we’ve done as much social media investigating as possible, and uncovered some pretty shocking results.

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Liv and Louis Seem Genuine

The two claim that they met in 2014 through mutual friends at a music festival before Louis drunkenly approached Olivia sometime later during a night out.

The two, from Barnsley, have supposedly been together for two and a half years.

However, we’ve stumbled across a theory that has us doubting them.

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Is Liv Actually Louis’ Best Friend’s Ex?

People are convinced that Liv is the ex-girlfriend of Louis’s best friend, Jake.

It’s a pretty strong rumour going around at the moment, and there even seems to be a photo ‘proving’ it.

Clues to Support That Theory


The clues do indeed support this theory. Cameron and Shereece were given clues regarding the genuineness of the couples.

One of those clues was that one of the couples has a person who is the ex of the other’s best friend.

The clues match the supposed evidence, so this is fueling the fire!

Some Instagram Stalking Confirms That Theory, Too

This’s where things get interesting.

Some Instagram stalking on Liv’s profile reveals that there are no pictures of her and Louis whatsoever, despite the two claiming that they started going out in 2014.

Furthermore, Louis has only liked a handful of her posts since 2014, liking none of the countless selfies Liv has uploaded, which is unusual behaviour for a ‘boyfriend,’ right?

More importantly, however, is the fact that a guy called Jake Ellam has liked pretty much all of those photos. And the comments on the photos are even more revealing…

Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Comments Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Yep! That is some pretty damning evidence right there.

This Jake guy, who is apparently Louis’s best friend, has commented on a dozen of Liv’s photos with these things like this.

Here are a couple more examples of this ‘close’ relationship…

Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Comments Screen Shot: @Livowens_

Pretty damning evidence.

The true believers, however, may still claim that there is no proof that Jake and Louis are friends like the clue said and that Jake is simply an ex.

Well, let’s put that to rest, too:

Screen Shot: @jakellam

Screen Shot: @jakellam

They follow each other.

And these screenshots from Louis’ Instagram proves they are good friends.

Screen Shot: @louushaw

Louis & Jake Screen Shot: @louushaw

Screen Shot: @louushaw

Friends Screen Shot: @louushaw

Screen Shot: @louushaw

Screen Shot: @louushaw

Final Verdict: Fake

All of the above proves that the theory and the clue are absolutely right: Liv is indeed the ex-girlfriend of Louis’ best friend.

That can only mean one thing, right?

Live and Louis are fake.



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