True Love or True Lies? has been earmarked as the replacement for Love Island.

Airing every evening at 9 pm – except Saturdays – there are certainly some similarities already.

But can this show truly be your Love Island methadone?

What is True Love or True Lies?

Take a bunch of couples, and put them in a big fancy house in a sunny location. So far, so familiar, right?

The couple who ‘wins’ also gets £50,000 in prize money…

There is one big difference compared to Love Island, however.

They all enter the series as couples, instead of meeting in there. While some are the real deal – loved-up couples who really are dating – others are fake couples, who have been put together for the show.

Any couple can win the final prize, as long as they convince the other couples – and the audience – that they are real. Whichever couple isn’t chosen as a fake by the end wins the whole thing, whether they’re a real couple or not.

Lovers: OMG WTF?? Liars: Just smile and wave boys 🙃

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True Love or True Lies?: What Channel is it On?

It airs on MTV every night at 9 pm (not on Saturdays).

That’s Channel 126 on Sky or Channel 134 on Virgin Media.

Don’t say we’re not good to you, if you have BT television, you want Channel 309. Sorted.

The series started on Monday 6th August, but if you get cracking you can catch up now on the MTV website.

Can I Watch True Love or True Lies Online?

Of course, you can, this is the age of On Demand.

If you’re playing catchup, you can find episodes after they air on the MTV UK website.

You don’t have to commit to whole episodes either, they have a selection of the best clips you can catch online.

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Did We Mention the Best Bit?

That’s right, the man of the moment and Dani Dyer’s dad, Danny Dyer, is the voice of True Love or True Lies?.

Expect him to bring the banter, and call it exactly like he sees it.

Which means, presumably, it can’t be long until he calls someone a tw*t.