Twattoo: The new term taking over Tattoo Fixers on Holiday

Tattoo Fixers on Holiday, and indeed parent show Tattoo Fixers, boasts a wealth of clients with hideous tattoo mistakes.

Sometimes the cover-ups are needed for more serious reasons – a breakup, a traumatic event, a terrible accident.

These cover-ups are there to genuinely help heal some pain from someone’s past. More often than not, however, the cover-ups are for drunken mistakes on drunken nights out.

And now, a customer on episode 2 of Tattoo Fixers on Holiday has come up with the perfect phrase to sum up such a client – Twattoo.

Twattoo. Screen Shot: Tattoo Fixers on Holiday, series 2, episode 2

Getting a Twattoo

Gabriela sat down on that rather grand, green Chesterfield sofa to divulge the details on her unwanted ‘twattoo’.

On the top of her foot (ouch), Gabriela got ‘lick it’ permanently inked in scrolling letters. Because what else would you get tattooed on your foot?

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Gabriela wanted to get rid of the tat because it was making men think that she had some form of foot fetish…

Fetish. Screen Shot: Tattoo Fixers on Holiday, series 2, episode 2

False Foot Fetish

That’s right, apparently, guys see this tattoo and immediately head towards her feet for a little fun.

Honestly, super gross.

To be fair to her, Gabriela had a sense of humour about it. She labelled the tat a “twattoo” because she was such a drunken idiot to get it in the first place.

Twattoo, apparently means a tattoo that has been done when someone is drunk and acting stupid – there’s one for the urban dictionary!

Gabriela picked a pink feather designed by Glen Carloss for her cover-up.

Gabriela’s new tattoo. Screen Shot: Tattoo Fixers on Holiday series 2 episode 2

Well, it’s better than ‘lick it,’ that’s for sure.

Will guys still assume she has a foot fetish – who knows? Who cares?

Maybe guys with feather fetishes will come out to play now, though. Is that a thing?


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