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Twitter blows up over Gogglebox oldies taking a SELFIE - “It’s ringing now”

The new series of Gogglebox returned to our screen two weeks ago and has quickly become one our favourite series on TV. Not least because of Mary and Marina.

The golden oldies were in fine form on episode two of the Channel 4 series, showing us just why we adore the elderly couple so dearly.

In a moment completely irrelevant to the TV show’s concept – filming viewers watching TV – Mary and Marina attempted to take a selfie.

Using a flip phone to try and capture the moment, the loveable duo shimmied together for the pic.

However, it all went as south as their strong Bristol accents as Marina accidentally dialled out a call.

“Well, I heard a click.” – said Mary.

Rich in Bollywood | Official Trailer | Prime Video

With the phone held as close to their faces as possible, the pair struggled for a while before deciding it was best to quit while they were ahead.

You know, wouldn’t want to catch ‘selfitis’ and all that.

Other highlights included Merina dancing to Kylie Minogue and Mary failing to pronounce her name, with both of them admitting that watching the Australian singer in action was the “perfect night in”.

Screen Shot: Marina dances to Kylie Minogue

Screen Shot: MARY and MARINA – Gogglebox, C4

Screen Shot: MARY and MARINA – Gogglebox, C4

Snapchat Chat

News that Snapchat profits had fallen by one billion pounds after Kylie Jenner had tweeted that she had stopped using the social media platform was a key talking point among the Gogglebox gang.

Fortunately, our top armchair correspondents had the perfect description of what Snapchat is.

Screen Shot: The Siddiqui family

The Siddiqui family said:

“Snapchat is the virtual equivalent of walking past somebody’s house while the curtains are open, seeing something in there and thinking what the f*ck . . and then walking back, and by that time, it’s gone.”

What does a ghost say?

Flipping back to Mary and Marina, the pair were engrossed by a special celebrity edition of Haunted Mansion.

We even got a taster as to what Mary would say should she become face-to-face with a ghost:

A Classic 1990’s Film

The Gogglebox team sat down for a classic 1990’s film, taking in the action-packed Point Break from start to finish.

But, not everyone had heard of the Hollywood flick featuring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze.

Screen Shot: Jenny is confused by Point Break – Gogglebox, C4

Who is Michael Ball?

Before the episode came to an end, Giles and Mary left us with their thoughts on Michael Ball.

The singer featured in an art programme where he had volunteered as a portrait model. Giles, however, was more concerned about Michael’s beard and the persona his facial characteristics give off.

Giles said: “He looks like he might be the owner of a delicatessen Mary.”

Screen Shot: Gogglebox, C4

Screen Shot: Gogglebox, C4

Screen Shot: Gogglebox, C4

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