Twitter debates the Skint Britain rabbit scene: Smart move or an act of needless killing?

Twitter debates the Skint Britain rabbit scene: Smart move or an act of needless killing?

Fans of Channel 4 were left in shock and horror as the first episode of Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits brought us a decapitated rabbit.

The brand new series will air every Wednesday night for three episodes in total, focusing on how residents of Hartlepool were forced to cope when the roll-out of the new Universal Credit system was brought in last year.

Specifically, Nathan claimed that he didn’t have enough money for food, and went about rabbit hunting in a local forest with his dog Twister during episode 1.

Was this a cunning method for survival? Or the needless killing of a harmless animal?

Twitter reacts…

David and Benson

Skint Britain: Rabbit Hunting

Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits episode 1 saw Nathan, girlfriend Abbey and their dog Twister set out to the woods.

However, this was no ordinary stroll in the park. The pair set out to scavage for food, skinning and eating any animal that Twister could catch.

Woodland pigeons were previously mentioned as a staple food by Nathan, although on this occasion Twister came back with a rabbit.

Nathan said:

You go out with your dog and your dog catches your food for you. Happy days. He gets me to skin it, gut it and cook it. If you were starving and you had had nothing at all in your freezer, a quick 10-minute walk around the field and we’re coming back bunnied up.

You shouldn’t have to worry about food but you can provide yourself with some scran.

Twitter Reacts

On Twitter, there were mixed reviews to Nathan’s method of providing himself with some “scran”.

Some felt that the hunt wasn’t needed, pointing out that pair still had enough money for fizzy drinks and cigarettes.

They also pointed out that food banks should have been the first point of salvation as opposed to hunting.

Others were keen to point out that it was no different from someone at home eating a meat-based meal at the time.

It just so happened that Nathan caught his own food, as opposed to a farmer or fisherman doing the job for him.

They also felt that sympathy was being misplaced and that we should feel sorry for those having to hunt for their food and not the rabbit.

The debate raged on, with many viewers simply dumbfounded by the casualness of the process.

Find a rabbit, kill a rabbit, skin a rabbit, eat a rabbit – and almost all in the comfort of your own living room.


Whatever your opinion, there are two more episodes to help make up your mind!



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