The new series of First Dates has been welcomed back to our TV screen with open arms.

However, there is one thing that the popular Channel 4 series has changed, and fans are fuming about it.

Where are all the “Steve and Sue are still dating now” end credits?

We NEED to know what happens next!

Episode one of First Dates proved one of the most controversial 60-minute showings in its 10-season history.

Former husband and wife duo Mandy and Stuart applied to be on the show together and rocked up to the London restaurant side-by-side for moral support.

Screen Shot: STUART - First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: Divorced couple MANDY and STUART – First Dates, Channel 4

While Stuart’s date failed to simmer on the romantic side, Mandy was swooped off her feet by adventurist Adam.

However, Twitter was left screeching at the TV as the episode ended without telling us if Mandy and Adam had continued their relationship.

Screen Shot: ADAM - First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: ADAM – First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: MANDY and date ADAM – First Dates, Channel 4

Not cool, guys!

Likewise, adorable young Welsh couple Morganne and Nathan ended their date tongue-in-tongue.

And yes, we do mean that literally…

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: MORGANNE and NATHAN kiss – First Dates, Channel 4

Hitting it off big time and heading into the London night to continue their date, First Dates never caught up with the duo to find out if they continued their romance.

Screen Shot: First Dates, C4

Screen Shot: HUH !?!?! –  First Dates, Channel 4

Episode two will welcome recruitment consultant Lee, who is looking for love after recently hanging up his partying boots.

There’s also politics graduate Cameron, who bonds with fellow politics lover Joe, and mid-70s Deanna, who hasn’t been on a date in 20 years.

Question is, will First Dates revert back to their old formula and show us how these god-damn dates end up!

WATCH First Dates every Thursday night, on C4, at 10 pm.