Over the course of the weekend and one of the Survival of The Fittest fan favourites was booted off from the show following the public eviction on Saturday.

In the lead up to the eviction and the boys had lost their first challenge of the series, putting them in unfamiliar territory where they were no-longer able to gloat and holla as if the show was a 45-minute highlight real of a South Africa stag doo.

Boys on tour.

Survival Of The Fittest: Lads, lads, lads
Survival Of The Fittest: Lads, lads, lads

Females Georgie Clark and Tia Latham had already swooped through the revolving doors at the savanna lodge but now it was time for the first boy to leave.

James Middleton, David Lundy and Ryan Cleary had all received the lowest amount of public votes and it went down to the girls to lay the final blow.

After a heated discussion, and to the surprise of social media, it was Ryan whose time on SOTF came to an end.


Earlier in the competition and Ryan had openly admitted to his fellow male teammates that he was bisexual, before winding up in an awkward love triangle between James Middleton and Georgie Clarke.

Ryan’s empathy and maturity when it came to talking over tricky situations with fellow lodge-mates was praised on Twitter, where he was labelled the most “genuine” and “real” personality on the show.

Ryan said of the relationship triangle: “James obviously had the same interest but he was more discrete about that interest.

“But we spoke about it, we aired it out and we’re good now. We’re like brothers.”

The jeweller from Manchester seemed a peculiar choice for the team of girls, not only because he had never done anything to cause them problems but considering David came to blows with previous love interest Georgia, brandishing her and friend Lotte “snakes”.

Both girls were reduced to tears on Sunday, with Warren and David slating the two girls for being “fake” and for using them as “pawns” to stay in The Lodge.

If only Ryan was there to smooth things over . . .

The outburst had stemmed from the arrival of new-boy Joel Bennett, who had joined the gang to replace Ryan and immediately caught the eye of both Warren and David’s love interests.

SOTF, ITV2: New boy Joel Bennett
SOTF, ITV2: New boy Joel Bennett

Fitness model and 28-year-old Joel is the ex-boyfriend of last year’s The Apprentice star Jade English.

The other newest member to join The Lodge is Sam Dewhurst, ex-girlfriend to Love Island 2017’s Dom Lever. She joined the female team on Friday.

Survival Of The Fittest on ITV2 - Sam Dewhurst.
Survival Of The Fittest on ITV2 – Sam Dewhurst.

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