Channel 4 favourite Secret Life of 5 Year Olds returned to our screens for a one-off all girls special, setting Twitter aflame with its powerful messages.

Following in the footsteps of 2018’s Celebrity Big Brother, the show marked the 100-year anniversary of women’s rights with an all girl cast.

Secret Life of 5 Year Olds is renown for its light-hearted, endearingly entertaining and simply adorable nature however this special edition had viewers queuing up on Twitter to voice their reactions.

The show follows a group of children playing and learning in the classroom and playground. Blissfully unaware of the cameras capturing their every movement, the girls took part in tasks exploring their relationships, attitudes and opinions.

In one key experiment and Saoirse Hanna, from London, was left devastated when she was denied the opportunity to choose which game her class would play next.

Sobbing loudly, she said: “It’s not fair, I wanted to vote.”

Alongside Saoirse’s father Emmett and mother Sian, behavioural experts watched behind the scenes and commented on how Saoirse’s reaction was extremely ‘poignant’ in light of the women’s rights episode.

Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, a consultant clinical psychologist in the NHS, said:

“It’s so powerful isn’t it?

“For an arbitrary reason she can’t do what others are able to do. It’s so poignant.”

Fortunately for Saoirse, fellow classmate six-year-old Darcey came to the rescue, generously giving away her own right to vote.

And if that didn’t melt viewers hearts then the sight of young Jet refusing to wear a dress would have certainly done the trick.

Young Jet was spotted shaking her head when asked to put on a dress, opting for an aviator helmet instead. Which we can all agree, is much cooler.

When asked whether she would want to live in the olden days, Jet replied “no – because they would push me around to wear a dress.”

A strong statement in voicing the importance feminsim.

Finally, Jet went on a date with her friend, leaving audiences with tingly feelings of tenderness at Jet’s sheer adorability.

When explaining what happens on a date, Jet said:

“A date is where you kiss, get married, and have a family.”

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