Twitter reacts to Dynasties episode 2 - 'Won't someone please think of the penguins!'

BREAKING: We are sorry to report that many fans on Twitter suffered from severe emotional trauma on Sunday night (November 19th).

For many, the scenes of huddled emperor penguins battling for their lives in icy Antarctica was too much.

There were adorable chicks, wreckless penguin fathers, and to top it all of the voice of the globe’s grandad, David Attenborough.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Dynasties episode 2 and the emperor penguin saga.

  •  11,000 birds
  •  337 days filming
  •  62 days without sun
  • -44.3°C temperatures

A pair of six-week-old chicks, left on their own by their parents, huddle together for warmth. Atka Bay, Antarctica. – (C) Stefan Christmann – Photographer: Stefan Christmann


Emotional Distress

Dynasties episode 2 captured the heartbreaking struggle for many penguin families.

When a group of mothers found themselves trapped in an icy ravine, unable to carry their younglings up a slippery wall, levels of emotional distress hit boiling point on social media.


This even sparked celebrities such as Match of the Day man Gary Linekar to chirp up.

Or Olympian Greg Rutherford, who speculated taking action into his own hands!

An emperor penguin with its ten-week-old chick. Atka Bay, Antarctica. – (C) Stefan Christmann – Photographer: Stefan Christmann


For others, however, humour was the only way to get them through tense moments.

There were scenes of frozen eggs, where a penguin father was unable to save his offspring from the freezing conditions.

Not to mention the stealing of a baby chick from one set of penguin parents to their neighbour.

Happily Ever After!

However, despite the twists and turns of traumatic events, the penguins seemed to pull through in most cases.

Whether it was huddling together for life-saving warmth or teaming up to help offspring.

Things felt like happily ever after…

Or Was It?

Then again, our David likes to leave things on a cliffhanger.

After all, David knows the merciless ways of Atka Bay better than anyone else…





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