Twitter's VERDICT on Digby and Olivia’s relationship - Made in Chelsea

Twitter's VERDICT on Digby and Olivia’s relationship - Made in Chelsea

The breaking of Digby Edgley and Olivia Bentley’s relationship has caused a split of opinion on social media.

Fans of Made in Chelsea have been quick to point the finger, although there has been a mix of blame aimed at both Digby and Olivia.

Who’s to blame? Are they both to blame?

Here are your thoughts…

Screen Shot: OLIVIA BENTLEY – Made in Chelsea, E4, series 15, episode 9

Going to Sri Lanka was a selfish move…

When Liv disappeared to Sri Lanka for a holiday with Harry Baron and co, banishing her boyfriend from attending in the process, Twitter raged.

The crowd felt that it was seriously selfish move from Liv and that if Digby had pulled the same gimmick there would have been damning repercussions.

But Digby’s attempts to stop her were controlling…

In complete contrast, the other half of social media felt that Digby’s attempts to stop Olivia from fleeing abroad were controlling and manipulative.

People likened Digby to Ryan Libbey and the emotional control he constantly seeks over his relationship with Louise Thompson.

Liv is an idiot for listening to her friends…

Although rooting for Liv in previous MIC series, the crowd have turned on her in series 15.

Twitter brandished Olivia “stupid” for listening to the thoughts of her friends over boyfriend Digby.

They believe her attitude has changed and that her caring boyfriend has been nothing but supportive.

Digby is being treated unfairly…

With Digby suffering the backlash of his girlfriend’s friends supporting her decision to leave him, D-man cut a lonely and emotionally unstable man in episode nine.

Not least because he bumped into that handsome kid Miles Nazaire in a grocery store and had a mouthful of ‘relationship advice’ tosh thrown in his face.

Poor Digz.

They need to break up…

Whether you’re team ‘Digby needs to let Liv out of the house and have some fun’ or team ‘Liv needs cut her man some slack and show the same level of support’, both social media squads have rallied to the same conclusion.

Split up.

The teaser trailer to next week’s episode displayed yet more tearful heartache for the couple, and since the drama has now lasted three episodes, Twitter is unified in its opinion that the pair should call it a day.

Who should be the one to break things off, however, well that’s a slippery slope…


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