Undercover Girlfriends is heading to MTV this July 2020 to re-air the first season.

The series which originally aired on Channel 5, started back in 2018. It was so popular that C5 brought it back for round two in September 2019.

Now, fans can relive all of the drama as the first season returns to our TVs, kicking off on Monday, July 6th on MTV.

Everybody has been talking about the series on social media, although not always in a positive light. The show features five couples as the girls get a chance to spy on their loved ones. The boys think they are attending a lads’ holiday in Marbella, unknowing that their girlfriends are watching and tracking their every move.

However, some people are doubting whether some of the couples are real. In fact, people are claiming that they’re dating the reality TV stars!

Undercover Girlfriend
Undercover Girlfriend – Liam, Ryan, Marco, Lawrence, Craig

Liam and Rosie Aren’t a Real Couple?

According to Twitter user ells_bellsxoxox – great handle name btw – Liam and Rosie are not a real couple.

Little Miss Xoxox claims that she has been dating Liam and is super confused by his appearance on the show with ‘girlfriend’ Rosie. In a tweet, she states:

How am I watching undercover girlfriends to find out the boy I was seeing is on there to then find out the girl you asked about was actually his girl.

There’s proof, too, with screenshots from Liam’s Instagram account. Which we can confirm is his official Insta.


Marco and Nicole Aren’t Real?

Perhaps there is a shocking revelation at the end, and perhaps we have just ruined it for everyone.

Either way, Twitter user Jasminwaugh is adamant that her friend has been dating Marco on and off for around seven months.

Again, she’s slipped some pictures in there to attempt to prove it.

To be fair, when we investigated the stars on social media, it was Rosie and Liam and Nicole and Marco who looked as if they had broken up – perhaps they were never together in the first place!

What Are Those!

If you didn’t catch that episode with that swimming costume, then you can relive the eye-torture here.

Twenty-one-year-old Rosie donned perhaps the world’s highest waisted swimsuit, leaving a host of social media users to tweet their bemusement.

Everything is Set Up?

Doubts about how real Undiscover Girlfriends is reached boiling point as the lads headed for a night out.

Considering it’s easy to see when shows like Love Island are scripted in places, there were bound to be some glaring errors in Channel 5’s quick spin-off.

Like, why is the club so dead?

Waiting for the Cheat

There is one thing that we are all waiting to happen: a guy to cheat on his girl.

If it happens, the audiences can’t help but feel it was all set up for entertainment purposes. And if it is one of the couples we now suspect aren’t even real (Rosie and Liam, Marco and Nicole), well…




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