Unsellable Homes is brought to HGTV with the help of a twin-duo, who showcase their decor and restoration skills. What is their net worth?

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb bring basic homes to life, by giving them the necessary renovations to enable its owners to sell them.

The aim is to sell them for more than its listed price, after renovating homes in the Washington-based county.

Fans are now questioning how much money the sister-duo makes in their job. So, we looked into what Lyndsay and Leslie’s combined net worth is.

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Who are the Unsellable Houses twins?

Lyndsay and Leslie are twin sisters who work in real estate.

They both co-own real estate business Lamb & Co, having grown up inseparably – they shared a room even after being offered their own!

Lyndsay went from working for a very successful corporation as a marketing director, to starting her own company Lamb Real Estate in 2009.

She has been married to her husband Justin Lamb for over 20 years.

Leslie, mum-of-three and wife to Jacob, is an owner and broker, and spent over seven years in Franchise Sales for a National Food Brokerage firm.

She also worked as a real estate transaction coordinator for two years, before becoming a realtor, which allowed her to learn the ropes.

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Lyndsay and Leslie: Net worth

  • At the time of writing, it is not yet known what their net worth is

Their real estate business sold more than 170 houses before the coronavirus pandemic hit, which reportedly made them two million dollars.

However, while it is not known exactly what their net worth is, we can assume that they earn a significant amount.

Considering they’re award-winning realtors – and taking into account other HGTV host salaries – it is likely they are paid at least $10,000 per episode.

They invest their own money into an unsellable house and make it attractive to buyers, and split the additional profits – minus their investment – with the homeowners.

They also spend a lot of their spare time running their own store!

Where is the Unsellable Homes store?

  • 610 First Street, Snohomish

In fact, the sister duo turned a historic home into their own retail store, which is called Lamb & Co.

It is Lyndsay and Leslie’s real estate and design service – and visitors can actually meet them there in person!

When they’re not spending time in the store, or renovating homes, they are often travelling around in a Volkswagen bus!



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