Charli Burnett threw a food party on the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, which led to her food phobias becoming the talk among fans.

When her castmates questioned her choice of a peanut butter sandwich during a group dinner, and showing up with no food to her own tasting party, viewers had officially had it with Charli’s storyline.

Her journey as she tries different foods is being followed on the series, which she has since apologised for after making surprising comments.

We found out exactly why Charli has a phobia of different foods, and before we continue… here’s a warning: it might make you gag (or just hungry).

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Charli Burnett is afraid of pasta

Charli once revealed that she had never eaten pasta. This is because she has a theory that people who eat the carb-based tubes gain weight.

It was the first time the Vanderpump Rules star touched on issues about food – last season – when her co-star Dayna Kathan claimed she had eaten pasta three nights in a row. But Charli had never even touched the food…

She said:

I have this theory that pasta is the reason why everyone gains weight. It just like stacks in your body.

What, like Tetris?! Ever since, Charli’s food issues have becoming a long-running joke in the public eye. But it’s actually more serious than we think.

Her food fears come from her upbringing. When she was a child, she was severely punished for not eating what she was served, as per Daily Mail.

Viewers react to Charli’s food issues

When Charli continuously brought up the subject of food at her dinner party, Vanderpump Rules viewers grew bored.

However, there are a few fans who had her back, and felt proud of her for speaking out about her issues with food.

One viewer said: “Respect Charli and her relationship with food. I hate that people are discounting her. She lived off pizza and quesadillas.

“Like of course she has a fear of food. She has nothing better going on.”

Another wrote: “Not sure if I could eat mussels, Mexican food, and raw fish in same sitting! But love her Charli is trying all these things!! #PumpRules.”

Vanderpump Rules: Charli’s phobias

Charli set up a food tasting party to help settle her fears about eating certain types of munch, and tried sushi, mussels and Mexican food.

And it’s all part of an ongoing journey to overcome her phobias. For 17 years, the Bravo star ate the same food, which consisted mainly of pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and quesadillas.

She also shared that she was working on having a healthy relationship with food, as she has always had issues with food since she was a little girl.

During a confessional, Charli said:

The only way to get out of situations was just to eat a PB&J because everyone has bread, jelly, and peanut butter at their house.

During an interview with the “So Bad It’s Good” podcast, she revealed that she can’t eat certain foods because they trigger horrific memories from the abuse she suffered as a child.



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